Romantic weekend getaways are an opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, but with so many vacation destinations available, where should you go? Here are 10 top tips for finding the perfect place to spend a weekend getaway with that special someone.

    1. Be Spontaneous:Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to do something romantic. Some of the best weekend getaways are those you take at the last minute. You have the opportunity to sweep someone off their feet with a surprise gesture, and the savings you make on flights and accommodations mean you may have some extra cash for treats.
    1. Get Notifications:Being spontaneous sometimes takes a bit of forward planning. Sign up for notifications from travel websites and agencies to get the latest deals delivered to your inbox. Watching for deals means you might score great value on a destination you wouldn’t normally consider visiting.
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    1. Avoid the Crowds:Making your getaway midweek usually means you save on travel costs, and you get the breathing room to experience your destination at your own pace. Choosing to stay somewhere secluded, such as a woodland vacation cabin, gives you the chance to relax in each other’s company, simply being together without the interruptions of everyday life.
    1. Do Your Research:You want your romantic weekend to be special, so research all locations carefully. Check review sites and get recommendations from the friends and family you trust.
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    1. Go Somewhere Meaningful:Recall wonderful memories by visiting somewhere meaningful, such as the place where you first met your partner, the beach where you proposed or the resort where you had your honeymoon.
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    1. Upgrade Your Experience:Look for a hotel that’s prepared to go the extra mile to make your vacation special. If it’s your anniversary or honeymoon, let your hotel know. You may get some upgrades such as a better room or some free bubbly on arrival. Some hotels may even arrange for your special song to play during dinner, and they can also help accommodate other romantic gestures.
    1. Find a Home Away From Home:Romantic weekend getaways don’t have to involve being waited on. Consider a vacation rental where you have an opportunity to lay on the charm by cooking your partner’s favorite meal — and where you don’t have to worry about interruptions.
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    1. Have Some Fun:Consider some of the fun weekend getaways for couples. Visit Orlando to hang out with Mickey Mouse, head to Tybee Island to go on a dolphin tour or try kayaking and windsurfing on the Hood River in Oregon. New experiences have the potential to bring couples closer together.
    1. Cozy Up in the Cold:Somewhere warm might have obvious appeal, but is there anything more romantic than curling up together in front of the fire and watching the snow settle outside? If you’re planning a winter excursion, go all-out by vacationing in wintry weather.
  1. Have a Plan of Action:Wherever you decide to go, it’s good to have a plan of action. Think about what activities you want to do (if any), and the order in which you want to do them. For example, do your whitewater rafting before you have a relaxing massage.