Renting a vacation home is a great way to stretch your budget for a family theme park vacation to Orlando. Let this advice guide you toward the ideal rental so your family can have the vacation of a lifetime.

    1. Widen Your Search

      Orlando isn’t the only city near Disney, Universal and other attractions in the area. Kissimmee is a neighboring town that isn’t quite as renowned as Orlando. That can often translate into a better deal for a rental. If you plan correctly and choose the right location, you might not end up that far away from your park of choice. In fact, Kissimmee is closer to Disney World than downtown Orlando, so this alternative choice can actually be the best option for families who plan to visit this one park exclusively.

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    1. Be Efficient With Space


      Rentals with more bedrooms do tend to be more expensive, so lowering your total bedroom count might help maximize your budget. If you have young kids, they might be able to share a bunk bed or a room with two twin beds rather than having their own space. Plus, some rentals offer pull-out sofas in living rooms or even roll-away beds or trundles that you can use to make sure everyone has his or her own bed, but maybe not a private room. If you plan to spend most of your days out of the rental and at a park, this might not be such a bad compromise, especially if it enables you to buy more souvenirs or spring for some park snacks.

    1. Look Into the Details

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      Look at more than just the pictures and number of rooms and bathrooms when you’re checking out vacation rentals. If the rental is within walking distance of a grocery store and has a kitchen with plenty of equipment to actually make meals, for example, you can save money on both gas and restaurants. Some Orlando rentals may even come with amenities like coolers that you can use to bring a lunch with you on your outing. Just make sure to check what the rules are for each specific park or event so you don’t end up paying for and spending time making food that you’ll have to leave at the security check-in.

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    1. See What’s Included


      In addition to small or functional amenities like kitchen equipment, some vacation rentals in Orlando may also have extras that can help your family have fun while also cutting some costs from your budget. For example, if you’re deciding between two rentals, see if one of them has free or cheaper parking than the others. You can also prioritize features like a pool or balcony if you know that your family will use them. Just keep in mind that if your rental is near a lake, that’s not a good place to go swimming. It’s best to stay away from fresh water in south Florida due to the potential presence of dangerous reptiles. Warning signs aren’t required, so don’t let the absence of a warning fool you. Stick to pools to keep it safe.

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  1. Map Your Location

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    If budget is less of a concern for your family, you might want to stay closer to the theme parks you plan to visit. Before booking, take the time to examine available maps, and try to pinpoint how long your car or bus commute might be from the location you’re considering. The closer you are, the more time you’ll have to explore the parks. You can get in earlier and beat crowds without having to wake up super early and stay as late as you want without worrying about getting the kids in bed.

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