When planning a trip to the Emerald City, don’t let all the hotels and motels distract you. There are more interesting and unique Seattle vacation rentals available than your generic economy hotel room. No matter your budget, there are plenty of cool places to lay your head after a long day taking in the sights and sounds of Seattle. Make your visit to Washington’s biggest city even more memorable by booking at least one of these options.

  1. Houseboat

    Seattle houseboat vacation rental is a real and popular thing. You can rent a floating property on Eastlake, Westlake or Lake Union that meets all your accommodation requirements and offers a totally special experience. Learn what it’s like to bob gently on the lake while watching the sun go down, and then wake up to the fresh lake air on your face.

  2. Camper/RV
    Andrey Armyagov/Shutterstock

    If you’re focused on Seattle Oasis, vacation rentals are pretty diverse. You can rent out a condo or apartment, or go the rustic route and choose a recreational vehicle. You can find fully loaded, kitchen-stocked campers available in idyllic areas with wilderness views.

  3. Luxury Home

    Seattle is an affluent city with accommodations to match. For a taste of the finer things this city has to offer, check out one of its bigger rental homes with six or more bedrooms and stunning forest or city views. These spaces are suitable for large families, wedding parties or groups of friends. Looking for an impressive house with a grand piano to entertain party guests? That can be arranged. Smaller luxury homes, featuring two or three bedrooms, are also available if you’re traveling alone or with a partner.

  4. Historical Home
    Natalia Bratslavsky/Shutterstock

    Seattle was formally settled by Europeans in 1851, which means there are more than 150 years of colonial history in the city. If you want to immerse yourself in every drop of history, you’ll be happy to know that renting a historical home is completely possible. There are a couple of options, so do some digging.

  5. Tiny House
    Lucy Autrey Wilson/Shutterstock

    Tiny houses are all the rage among contemporary architects and millennials these days, and Seattle is no exception. Whether you are making the most of a short budget or just think the idea is too wacky not to try for yourself, you can find a Seattle tiny house to rent for the span of your vacation.

    Seattle has the right accommodation to suit any taste, budget and style.