Beautiful places are plentiful throughout Canada. If you’re thinking about driving through and seeing the Northern Lights dance on hilltops and the lights shine bright on mountain tops below, knowing where to go to see this is a must.

Canada is home to minimal light pollution and clear skies, which is why many people flock to this area to watch the Northern Lights. The recommended months to visit to catch a glimpse at these lights is between October and March!

If you’re ready to find out where you can go to witness aurora borealis in action while in Canada, then take a look at these top six places that come highly recommended as the best places to watch them.

Lake Superior in Ontario


This is one of the most beautiful places to visit, even if you’re not seeing the Northern Lights. Many Canadians choose this area to vacation in. The backdrop that this area provides is not only one of the most beautiful, but adding the Northern Lights to the sky, you are going to see that this is a place you’ll never want to leave as they dance across the night sky and the water below.

Thunder Bay Lookout is the recommended spot to watch the lights from on Lake Superior — if at all possible.

Takhini Hot Pool in White Horse


Located in the Yukon, the nights are long and dark, providing the perfect setup to see the Northern Lights while in the area. Sit in the Takhini Hot Pools and watch the lights dazzle overhead during the coldest part of the year. This is the best time to be mesmerized by them!

Prince Edward Island


Prince Edward Island is a place that brings flocks of tourists throughout the year, with a reputation for being the backdrop for Anne of Green Gables. The red sand beaches are usually a must-see as well due to its unique nature. The area is extremely dark during the night, features an open view to the skies above, and has a very low population — meaning there’s minimal light pollution.

The best place to see these lights overhead is on Brackley Beach or from the top of Covehead Lighthouse. Look up to the sky and see the lights sparkle and shine.

The Nunavut Area


Baffin Island in the Nunavut Area is a great place to find yourself looking overhead at the lights that dance for you. However, this is definitely the coldest place to visit to see the lights, and there are little — if any — people around. It can be quite spooky, but also very remote and romantic.



This area is very popular for Northern Lights tours. Tourists usually go to this area to see the lights when they do not want to find the locations that show them on their own. You can sit with others, or pay to have a private tour.

There are also polar bear watching tours that are offered in addition to the Northern Lights tour, which puts the two together for those who are touring and want to do something unique.



Yellowknife is sometimes referred to as the “best and only place” to watch the Northern Lights. This is a dark area, especially in the winter, and with clear skies, you can see into the stars shining above. The best time to come to the area is from mid-November to March. This is a perfect time, though chilly, to see the lights overhead.

There are a number of hotels that you can visit and spend time in while waiting for the perfect night to watch the Northern Lights. Bundle up and head outside one of the nights when the skies are at their darkest and watch as the lights come out. This is a beautiful view in one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Witness the Northern Lights Today

The Northern Lights are something so many travelers aspire to see. If you are one of these people, then you should check out one of these options above, or try them all. Everyone is welcome to see the lights, and many of the areas have resorts, hotels, cabins, camping places, or places to park for those who want to just stop and watch the lights twinkling overhead.


It’s also important to keep in mind that it has to be dark to see the lights. Darkness is one of the essential components of these lights showing and glistening in the skies above. The further north you get, the darker it becomes, which means the better the lights are to be seen.

Canada is not the only place you can see the Northern Lights, but they are one of the best places to view them. Any place that is located in the “aurora zone” is a place that you can visit to see the lights.

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