When you’re planning a visit to Seattle, you may look forward to some of the popular tourist destinations, like the Space Needle, but the city also offers some unusual places to enjoy. Rent a vacation home in Seattle that puts you close to your favorite unusual venues to save travel time to each sight. These quirky spots include lush green spaces, edgy tours and unexpected sights.

  1. Waterfall Garden Park – Pioneer Square

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    Waterfall Garden Park in Pioneer Square lets you see why Seattle is known as the Emerald City with its abundance of greenery. Guests relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while in the city. A 22-foot waterfall welcomes guests to this soothing setting.

  2. Japanese Garden – Madison Park

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    If you want a chance to experience Seattle at a gentle pace, the Japanese Garden in Seattle offers a quiet escape from the bustle of the city. Guests stroll through the park at a casual pace or attend educational and cultural festivals.

  3. Go Below the City – Pioneer Square

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    When you’re looking for unusual places to visit in Seattle, consider looking under the city. Seattle’s underground tunnels are open for visitors with a guided tour. It’s a way to see a side of the city you would other wise miss, and a fun way to learn about Seattle history.

  4. Lake View Cemetery – Volunteer Park

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    Martial arts enthusiasts and film lovers may enjoy making at stop at Lake View Cemetery to pay respects to Bruce and Brandon Lee. Head up the hill toward the flagpole, then look for the shiny red and black stones that mark the final resting places of these father-and-son film icons.

  5. Post Alley Gum Wall – Pike Place
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    To find this creative marvel, go down a flight of stairs at the end of Union Street and look for the Post Alley sign. The walls surrounding this brick-paved alley are covered in a colorful layer of chewing gum. Be sure to take your camera for some unique photo opportunities in front of this unexpected art wall.

  6. Fremont Troll – Under Fremont Bridge

    Anyone who grew up reading stories about trolls under bridges will enjoy the humor of this unique Seattle sculpture. The Fremont Troll holds an actual VW Beetle in his hand, and people are encouraged to interact with this piece of art by posing on it for photos.

  7. Official Bad Art Museum of Art – North Seattle
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    The Official Bad Art Museum of Art, or OBAMA for short, is housed in the back of the Cafe Racer. The space is painted in bold colors and features unusual artwork that delivers a playful aura.

  8. Seattle Pinball Museum – Chinatown

    All 54 of the classic pinball machines in this interactive museum are working and available for visitors to play. Guests pay an admission fee and then game-play is free of charge, which is great if you’re psyched up for a marathon gaming session with your favorite vintage game.

  • Seattle by the Seasons
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    Early spring is the best time to visit Seattle for off-season discounts. The best time to visit Seattle is during the summer for seeing the foliage that gives the city the nickname Emerald City. Autumn is a great time to visit Seattle while the tourist crowd has tapered off a bit but the weather is still mild, and the winter months are great for winter sports enthusiasts who want to hit the slopes.