When it comes to the best destinations for families in the United States, Branson, Missouri, is often on people’s “top 10” list. In fact, there are many things to do in Branson with kids (or without, if you’re on a couple’s adventure) that make this not-so-little Midwest town quite special. From the famous Silver Dollar City theme park to the life-size replica of the Titanic (which is also a museum), there’s no shortage of places to take the kids and have a blast.

  1. Ozark Mountains


    One of the many reasons that travelers come to Branson is for the mountains. Take in scenic views, go hiking with the family, and enjoy the crisp mountain air right at the foot of the Ozarks. Table Rock Lake is a top destination for a day of nature and recreation.

  2. Sight and Sound Theatre

    Just like the other location in Lancaster, PA, Sight and Sound is a vivid and colorful experience of live stage action that brings all of your favorite Bible stories to life. It is great for kids, inspirational for adults, and live music is often part of the spectacular stage act.

  3. Silver Dollar City

    This “Wild West” theme park is one of the main reasons that Branson is such an incredible family vacation spot. Ride the rides and enjoy the food at Silver Dollar City, then imagine life as it was back in the 1880s by making your own pottery or blowing your own glass.

  4. Branson Scenic Railway

    Although vacation rentals in Branson, MO, will give you a unique experience when you book a home that’s mountainside, you’ll get even more incredible mountain views by riding the Branson Scenic Railway. If you visit during the holidays, you can hop the magic steam train known as The Polar Express.

  5. Titanic Museum

    This life-size replica is built to the exact proportion and design of the original ship, complete with an iceberg. Explore every room and deck, imagining how it was to sail this vessel back in the early 1900s. As the Titanic Museum is a realistic one, do be aware that the information presented in some exhibits may be harder for younger children to process.

  6. Dolly Parton’s Stampede

    Half rodeo, half circus, Dolly Parton’s Stampede was created by the legendary singer and features comedy, horse riding and other entertainment, complete with a down-home Southern meal.

  7. White Water Branson

    White Water Branson is on the same site as Silver Dollar City, but is a separate venue that’s well worth a visit. The 13-acre water park allows for some great fun in the sun, including a water slide with a 243-foot drop.

  8. Avalanche Zipline

    This is a great idea for older kids. Spend a day on the zip line where you can not only feel the rush of sliding down the line, but also get a unique view of the Ozark Mountains while doing so.

  9. Horseback Riding

    All it takes is a quick lesson and a few moments to get acquainted, and you can spend the day horseback riding through Dogwood Canyon. Fun for the entire family, this is yet another way to see some spectacular parts of the Ozark Mountains.

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