When it comes to the best destinations for families in the United States, Branson, Missouri, is often on people’s “top 10” list. In fact, there are many things to do in Branson with kids (or without, if you’re on a couple’s adventure) that make this not-so-little Midwest town quite special. This gem of a city in the midwest offers an astounding amount of activities to do for just about anyone. From the famous Silver Dollar City theme park to the life-size replica of the Titanic (which is also a museum), there’s no shortage of places to take the kids and have a blast. Stop by this wonderful city for a vacation and an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Family Fun in Branson

There are so many fun things to do in Branson, Missouri that it can be difficult to narrow down the perfect places to go and things to see. From sprawling mountains to scenic railways and many theme parks this is a wonderful option for those looking to split a vacation up between getting outside and in touch with nature and seeing some fantastic sights as well as hitting a theme park or two.

Ozark Mountains


One of the many reasons that travelers come to Branson is for the mountains. Take in scenic views, go hiking with the family, and enjoy the crisp mountain air right at the foot of the Ozarks. Table Rock Lake is a top destination for a day of nature and recreation. Get out and get in touch with nature by going on one of the many hiking trails in the area for a day out among the trees and wildlife that is sure to relax anyone meandering through these woods. Be sure to bring a camera to get some beautiful snapshots of the surrounding nature.

Pro traveler tip: It can be quite easy to get lost amongst the many trails that wind through this forest. Be sure to check maps and remain vigilant to trail signs so you don’t wind up on the wrong path.

Sight and Sound Theatre

Just like the other location in Lancaster, PA, Sight and Sound is a vivid and colorful experience of live stage action that brings all of your favorite Bible stories to life. It is great for kids, inspirational for adults, and live music is often part of the spectacular stage act. These unforgettable bible stories are brought to life with spectacular performances put on that will bring these famous legends back to life in a stunning display. Stop by here to seemingly take a walk back in time.

Pro traveler tip: This fantastic theater has many buy one get one free shows that allow vacationers to come here without worrying about how it will impact the wallet. Be sure to check ahead for shows that may coincide with the vacation.

Silver Dollar City

This “Wild West” theme park is one of the main reasons that Branson is such an incredible family vacation spot. Ride the rides and enjoy the food at Silver Dollar City, then imagine life as it was back in the 1880s by making your own pottery or blowing your own glass. This is the perfect place to escape for the day with the family with fun and attractions that everyone can enjoy.

Pro traveler tip: Seasonal festivals take place here from spring through winter. Be sure to look ahead and see if one of these amazing festivals is taking place while you are on vacation here.

Branson Scenic Railway

Although vacation rentals in Branson, MO, will give you a unique experience when you book a home that’s mountainside, you’ll get even more incredible mountain views by riding the Branson Scenic Railway. If you visit during the holidays, you can hop the magic steam train known as The Polar Express. Be sure to take a ride on this train for an unforgettable experience that drives you through the different magical landscapes that make up this great state. This is a wonderful thing to do for solo travelers, couples, and families alike.

Pro traveler tip: From April through October, candlelight dinners that come complete with four full courses are offered on night trains departing at 5 pm. Be sure to grab tickets for this for a truly romantic experience.

Titanic Museum

This life-size replica is built to the exact proportion and design of the original ship, complete with an iceberg. Explore every room and deck, imagining how it was to sail this vessel back in the early 1900s. As the Titanic Museum is a realistic one, do be aware that the information presented in some exhibits may be harder for younger children to process. This truly impressive rework of this famous vessel is a fantastic way to get an in-depth look at this infamous ship. See how luxurious it actually was and learn about how it really came to its final demise at this awe-inspiring museum.

Pro traveler tip: Many events also take place at this fantastic museum year-round! Be sure to check ahead to see if anything exciting is happening that will be the cherry on top of the visit here.

Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Half rodeo, half circus, Dolly Parton’s Stampede was created by the legendary singer and features comedy, horse riding and other entertainment, complete with a down-home Southern meal. One of the best things to do in Branson. This show will surely entertain guests of all ages and create a memory that will be sure to last a lifetime no matter who attends.

Pro traveler tip: Also known as the most fun place to eat in Branson. This fantastic exhibition offers a mouthwatering four-course meal that puts restaurants in other major cities to the test.

White Water Branson

White Water Branson is on the same site as Silver Dollar City, but is a separate venue that’s well worth a visit. The 13-acre water park allows for some great fun in the sun, including a water slide with a 243-foot drop. Stop by here for some fun in the sun as well as thrills and spills into the warm water. This is the perfect place in Branson to take the kids for a day-long outing.

Pro traveler tip: With over 13 acres of waterslides and wave pools this huge complex can easily take up an entire day. Look ahead to see what rides and attractions you or the family want to hit the most.

Avalanche Zipline

This is a great idea for older kids. Spend a day on the zip line where you can not only feel the rush of sliding down the line but also get a unique view of the Ozark Mountains while doing so. A rush of adrenaline will course through your body while gliding above the treetops. This is a wonderful option no matter how many people are coming along. Be sure to hit this attraction while on vacation here for a truly exciting experience.

Pro traveler tip: Although Ziplining is done worldwide and is considered completely safe. It is certainly not for those that have a fear of heights so be sure that everyone knows what they are getting into before going.

Horseback Riding

All it takes is a quick lesson and a few moments to get acquainted, and you can spend the day horseback riding through Dogwood Canyon. Fun for the entire family, this is yet another way to see some spectacular parts of the Ozark Mountains. Get in touch with nature while riding through the mountains the same way the pioneers of the 19th century did over 100 years ago. This is a wonderful opportunity for pictures to be taken as well.

Pro traveler tip: Many different riding options are available in the area with some ranging from around one hour to some being nearly all-day experiences. Be sure to plan ahead to get the most efficient use of the vacation time.

Where to Stay in Branson

Historic Downtown Branson is a very charming place to stay for any vacationer. Take a ride on the trolley that rolls through town to a fantastic restaurant while hitting a few shops in between in this fantastic little village within the city. This is a wonderful place to stay for families.

The Branson Theatre District is the place to go for those looking to have all the fun and activities that the city has to offer at their fingertips. Multiple sports bars, nightclubs, and restaurants line these streets offering more things to do than could be fit into one singular vacation. this is a wonderful option for solo travelers or couples looking to escape and have some fun.

Branson is the Spot!

Ready to enjoy the historic, natural, and rustic sights of Branson? Book your stay on VacationRenter! Branson, Missouri is a place where one can enjoy a truly authentic midwest experience. Whether it’s taking a scenic route on the train or having a fun family outing at the theme parks there is something here for any vacationer to enjoy. Multiple shops, restaurants, and nightlife accompany this charming city as well. All of this combines to make Branson a place that needs to be added to the “places to go” list.