New York City is known for being an expensive travel destination. Fortunately, there are ways to stay and play in the city without maxing out your credit cards. Affordable hotels in NYC might be few and far in between, but there are many alternative options to consider that might fit your budget better. Use these tips to help you find affordable hotels when planning your next trip to the Big Apple.

Hotels in Affordable Neighborhoods


Finding cheap hotels in New York City Times Square can be a bit of a challenge. Times Square is right in the center of the action, making it a hot spot for travelers to stay. As such, hotel rates in that area are often higher than other parts of the city. While discounts and coupons are available, consider looking in other neighborhoods for lower overall rates. Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn are all just 20 to 35 minutes away from Manhattan via public transport and offer reliable and affordable accommodations for your NYC trip. Though quite a bit farther, New Jersey and Connecticut also offer affordable options if you don’t mind a commute of an hour or more.

What to Expect from an Affordable Hotel in New York City

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In order to keep the prices low, affordable hotels in NYC don’t offer many of the amenities you’re used to in hotels of the same price range in different locations. Expect smaller rooms in an independent hotel that’s not part of a national chain. A pool, exercise room and free breakfast might not be available either. However, you’ll be within walking distance of hundreds of attractions and eateries.

New York City Vacation or Temporary Rentals


New York City Vacation home rentals or temporary rentals are alternative options to consider for affordable accommodations right in the heart of the city. Rent out a room in someone’s home or rent an entire apartment for the duration of your stay. You choose the area you want to stay (including Times Square), type of accommodations you need and amenities you want, such as free Wi-Fi, access to a kitchen and pet-friendly facilities. This means you get all of the things you need for your trip at a price that fits within your budget. Additionally, private rentals are all over the city, allowing you to stay near the destination or attraction you plan to frequent.

Hostels and Bed & Breakfasts in NYC

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Hostels or bed and breakfasts are other options in NYC. Hostels are becoming increasingly popular because of their affordability. Private rooms and dorms are available depending on if you’re just looking for a place to crash or want a private place to hang out after a long day of sightseeing. Alternatively, find bed and breakfasts all over the city near many major attractions. These guest houses are cozier, offering a quieter and more personalized experience.