Staying outside the big city yet close enough to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Strip or downtown Vegas can make your trip more restful than you’d expect. Nearby towns offer you Las Vegas vacation rentals with the luxury of in-town lodgings without the hustle and bustle of Sin City.

Where to Find a Rental Off the Strip

Near the Vegas Airport
Purely for the convenience, Las Vegas has plenty of vacation rental accommodations right near and at its McCarran International Airport. These airport accommodations are not like any other generic airport rentals. Lodgings, such as hotel rooms and condos in towering hotels near McCarran, are what you’d expect in Las Vegas, offering 100 percent luxury. Private single-family houses, many with pools, are available for vacation rentals near the airport, which makes for family-friendly convenience.


Near Las Vegas Golf Courses
Vegas is America’s entertainment capital, so, of course, there are premiere golf courses both in and near the city. Have the best of both worlds — casino nightlife and golfing during the day —by staying at a vacation rental near both, but far enough away from the Strip. Consider rentals in east Las Vegas, a handful of minutes from downtown. If you’d prefer even farther away, the small town of Primm, Nevada, is just over a half an hour south of Las Vegas, and it’s chock full of resorts, casinos, a factory outlet mall and two golf courses.


Henderson, Nevada
Henderson, part of what’s called Las Vegas Valley, is a town about 10 to 20 minutes away from the city, and it’s popular among vacationers who prefer to stay away from the flamboyance and traffic of the Strip and downtown. Though it’s mostly residential, there’s a mix of luxury hotels and resorts, also with condos to rent. If you prefer to rent a whole house, they’re available in Henderson, as well. The town even has a convention center since it’s minutes from McCarran International Airport, as well.

Boulder City, Nevada
A bit farther from Henderson is historic Boulder City. It’s the only non-gaming town in Nevada, but just outside the town’s boundaries, there is a gaming property to enjoy. You’ll be able to find a number of houses and condos for a vacation rental near or on the Boulder City Golf Course and Cascata Golf Course.


Hoover Dam Area
A trip to Las Vegas isn’t complete if you don’t visit the Hoover Dam and the surrounding area, where there are plenty of luxury accommodations and only a short half-hour drive to the Strip. The Hoover Dam, one of the world’s architectural and engineering marvels built between 1931 and 1936, is also near Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the United States. The popular area can be crowded during the summer, when tourists take advantage of Lake Mead’s recreational water activities. But there are plenty of house, condo, resort and hotel rentals to go around. If you’re adventurous, rent a houseboat on Lake Mead and use it for sightseeing or moor it to shore for sleeping.

Mesquite, Nevada
A half hour outside of Las Vegas is rustic Mesquite and Mount Charleston. The area is not always warm and toasty like Vegas, but instead, the area experiences snowy winter days, as well. Here you’ll find plenty of casinos, as well as private family homes and upscale condos to rent for vacation. If you’re looking for tranquility, a roomy and luxurious home to accommodate a large family, but all located close enough to Las Vegas, Mesquite may be the right place for a vacation rental outside of the city.

5 Hidden Gems Off the Strip

When you visit Las Vegas, you may spend a lot of your time on the Strip. Although this area is a great attraction with lots of things worth seeing and doing, the city has so much more to offer. If you want to explore beyond the beaten path, be sure to book your vacation home near these five hidden gems scattered around the city.

  1. Hand of Faith

    Technically, this is a nugget and not a gem, but you should still check it out. The Hand of Faith is a giant gold nugget on display at The Gold Nugget hotel and casino on Fremont Street, which is one of the oldest casinos in Vegas. This nugget is the second largest ever discovered and the largest you can see on display.

  2. Urban Art
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    Many people falsely think that Las Vegas is all glitz and no substance; however, the city is actually home to a thriving arts scene. Head over to the 18B Arts District and to see the creative side of the city for yourself. This downtown area is home to a variety of galleries and independent stores. As you walk around the city, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on buildings and walls. Las Vegas is also a great place to check out street art and murals.

  3. Chinatown
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    Vegas’ Chinatown may not be as big or as famous as San Francisco’s, but its food is just as good. If you want to eat Chinese food in the city, this is the place to go. Chinatown also has amazing Japanese restaurants, fusion establishments and cocktail bars, which are well worth checking out.

  4. Pioneer Saloon

    If you’re willing to drive a few miles south to Goodsprings, you’ll be rewarded with a real gem of a bar. The Pioneer Saloon lives up to its name; it has an authentic Old West feel, right down to the rugged brick walls and wood accents. This bar is the oldest operating bar in the area, so its history matches its atmosphere. Sit down and enjoy a drink, order a great steak platter and check out the Good Springs General Store next door.

  5. El Cortez
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    If you want to get a feel for the Las Vegas of Frank Sinatra and Elvis, you can’t go wrong with a visit to El Corte. Unlike some of the other older casinos in the city, this establishment still maintains an aura of the 1940s, complete with neon signs and a marquee board. The casino itself also has a flair for the old fashioned. Some games have small minimum bets, and many of its slot machines take actual coins instead of cards or tickets.