A hot tub in your vacation rental immediately adds a certain something to your experience. Not only does it feel like a luxury add-on, it can actually provide welcome relaxation after a day on the slopes. Big Bear vacations are usually filled with physical activity. An on-site hot tub at a rental home completes the circle of active and relaxed.

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Après-Ski Fun

Hot tubs in ski cabins provide an easy way of keeping your whole group or family entertained after a day on the slopes. Soaks can soothe any muscle aches or pains from minor tumbles taken on a tough run and get everyone primed for another day of skiing. This amenity also gives kids something to look forward to and provides groups of grown-up friends with an easy central hang-out spot at the rental cabin. The contrast between the snow on the ground and the inviting hot water of the tub makes for a luxurious way of relaxing after a day of fun.


Staying Cozy Outdoors

Bring the outdoors indoors with the ability to enjoy the night sky in comfort, even on the coldest of winter nights. Stargazing is a notable activity in Big Bear, with the elevation and lack of city-adjacent light pollution providing a much clearer view of the sky than what you can probably get at home. It’s such a prime location for astronomy that the New Jersey Institute of Technology even operates a solar observatory with a massive telescope off of Big Bear Lake.

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With a hot tub, there’s no need to bundle up the kids or cut an outdoor stargazing session short due to cold weather. You can sink into the tub and gaze up at the stars with binoculars or your naked eyes and see the Milky Way, shooting stars and a gorgeous view of the moon.

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Finding the Right Big Bear Rental

There are other ways to stay entertained après-ski, of course, with board games and movie nights being favorites. But having a hot tub available for use adds a special element of out-of-the-ordinary vacation entertainment. The combination of skiing and hot tubbing is popular enough that cabin rentals often include decks with hot tubs, but it’s not a guaranteed feature of rentals in Big Bear. When you’re planning a trip, make sure to look out for this feature specifically, using search filters whenever possible to narrow down options to focus on available units with this option in the properties around this winter vacation destination.