A sensational yet low-key beach spot nestled within the group of Wilmington beaches, Kure Beach, NC, is a top vacation spot for quite a few reasons. Its family-friendly atmosphere, rich history and welcoming locals all add to its desirability, and it’s a terrific spot for both couples and families alike. Instead of opting to stay at a resort or hotel, vacationers also have the choice of Kure Beach rentals to make their vacation a success. As you plan, not only is it a good idea to learn about Kure Beach a little more, but also to decide on how to look for your best rental.

Location of Your Kure Beach Rental

One of the top reasons to choose a rental over a hotel is the privacy factor. Especially when you’re with the entire family, nothing beats having the entire place to yourself while having all the comforts of home. No matter which rental you decide to book, they will all have approximately the same amenities, such as cookware to make meals with, standard pantry items, towels, sheets and beach accessories. Location is usually a top priority when it comes to your rental. Decide before you begin to plan your trip whether being oceanside or oceanfront is important, or if it’s OK to be a few blocks or miles back. If you’ve brought the entire family, including maybe the family pet, it’s wise to get as close to the beach as possible to minimize your set up and break down every day you go to the beach. Also, beach sunsets simply can’t be outdone. However, if being a few miles in is acceptable, you’ll likely have many more choices, including amenities like a pool or hot tub, along with some of them very economical ones.

Other Amenities to Consider

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While all rentals have the basics, some have a little more than others, and many of these items can be must-haves or deal breakers. For many, both Wi-Fi and cable are must-have perks yet there are some rentals that may not have, either. For beach vacations, you may prefer to have a Kure Beach rental that has a washer and dryer on-site, which allows you to pack much less because items can be rewashed multiple times. You may also want to take a look at the number of beds versus number of bedrooms. Many rentals have foldaway or fold-out couches, which offers adequate room for sleep, but not much privacy. Some rentals also include many small appliances to make the stay more comfortable, such as single-serve coffee machines, toasters, hair dryers, irons and more. It’s just a good idea to read the listing in its entirety before making a final decision.

When to Visit Kure Beach, NC

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Just like many other areas of the East Coast, summers are very hot and humid and are the perfect time to take a beach vacation. However, the weather near Wilmington, NC, stays temperate for a longer period beyond summer, so many vacationers do prefer the off-season for their beach getaway. During a regular calendar year, you’ll still see people sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the beach in late September into October. If you’re thinking of heading to Kure Beach for a camping or nature trip, you’ll likely have good weather throughout most of November. Occasionally, in the middle of winter, you may see a few flakes, but winters are generally mild, and Kure Beach is also a superb place to spend the holidays.

Planning Kure Beach Activities

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Whether you’re vacationing solo, as a couple or are having a family vacation, a rough itinerary is never a bad idea at the outset. While Kure Beach is a small island, there is no shortage of things to do. Kure Beach was the site of a Civil War battle, so vacationers can tour the Fort Fisher State Historic Site or learn about the battle in one of the town’s historic museums. There is also the Fort Fisher Recreation Area, which offers miles of public beach as well as trails and wildlife. For kids, there is are several arcades in proximity to the beach area, with all of the familiar games you’d expect to find in a beach arcade.

Even More to Do in Kure

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There are many marine- and water-related activities in the town of Kure Beach as well. Vacationers and locals alike can do everything from scuba diving to visiting the local aquarium. There are also many nearby boat tours and fishing charters, which usually appeal to vacationers of all types. Take a drive-on ferry and travel down the Cape Fear River. Opt for a fishing charter that allows you to learn how to fish. Even if you’re a novice, you’ll be able to cast your rod before the journey is over. There are also kayak rentals for those who wish to be a little adventurous. If enjoying the beach is your main priority, the majority of Kure Beach is part of state and public parks, such as Ocean Front Park and Pavilion and Carolina Beach State Park, so a week’s vacation can easily let you enjoy each one for a day.