The Mile High City sits at an elevation of over 5,000 feet and celebrates everything outdoors. This 1800’s mining town is most well-known for its ski resorts and views of the Rockies, but there are plenty of other options when it comes to Denver, Colorado, cabin rentals. Check out five tips for choosing a vacation rental that inspires exciting experiences.

  1. Be Choosy About Location
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    Whether you are searching for Breckenridge vacation rentals or a ski cabin in Keystone, Colorado, get choosy about your location. There are a wide variety of rentals that offer views of the mountains, easy access ski areas or even lake views for the summer months. Check out a variety of locations to determine which area of Colorado suits your needs. Breckenridge and Keystone both lie just under two hours outside of Denver itself, but the city offers vacation rentals right inside town.

  2. Check Out the Season
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    Winter skiing season is definitely what draws most vacationers to select Denver, Colorado, vacation rentals. With snowy mountains and a wide selection of ski resort options, Denver is a popular winter vacation destination. Keep in mind that this Mile High City also enjoys over 300 days of sunshine each year and a huge selection of local parks, 20,000 acres of nearby in the mountains and the highest highway in North America. Summer tends to be less expensive when it comes to vacation rentals, and there are plenty of outdoor options to keep everyone entertained.

  3. Determine Your Style

    Heading out to Breckenridge vacation rentals for some winter skiing or picking out a ski cabin in Keystone, Colorado hinges on what type of experience you want. Keystone and Breckenridge both offer ski resorts within walking distance — or shuttle service — of ski areas, but Breckenridge offers an entire town with stores, restaurants and nightlife. Keystone tends to be less crowded even after fresh snowfall and offers lower prices on season passes or discounted parking near the ski lifts.

  4. Check Out the Amenities

    With plenty of visitors heading to Denver, Keystone and Breckenridge every year, the variety of cabin rentals, resorts and even vacation homes available is staggering. Narrow down your list of vacation rentals by determining which amenities are most important to you. Summer season gets warm, so access to a swimming pool might top the list. Fireplaces and steam saunas are also useful for warming up after some skiing or ice skating.

  5. Take a Chance on the Bargains
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    Although staying in a pricey resort is one way to enjoy a ski vacation, Denver vacation rentals also include entire homes and cute cabins that are rented by the week or month. Although not connected to a giant resort, many of these rentals offer just what you need to enjoy your Denver vacation. Shuttle services are offered to the major ski areas during the snowy season, making it simple to get from your vacation cabin to the mountains without spending tons of time in the car.