An Orlando vacation usually means two things: adventure at every turn and price tags to match. If you’re seeking a theme park adventure, nearby Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld offer entertainment for the whole family. But when it comes to lodging, you don’t have to settle for a pricy park property hotel room. Instead, consider the perks of choosing a home for rent by owner in the Kissimmee, FL, area to save a little money and gain a ton of space. Orlando is always busy, but there are a few ways to maximize your time and experience. Here’s how to figure out where to stay and when to go.

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When to Go to Orlando

Traveling in the slow times-January up until Spring Break, or in the fall right after school starts-allows for a slower pace and fewer crowds. However, attractions may have reduced hours, so consider this when planning. If you can’t go during these times, consider breaking up your days by taking advantage of the longer hours of high season. Midday breaks at your vacation rental help to give you the energy to see it all.

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Stay in the Middle of Everything

Many Kissimmee rental properties are located within close proximity to the popular theme parks and premier Orlando shopping destinations. If you’re vacationing in the area and don’t want to spend your entire trip at a single park, vacation rentals near Disney World put you in the middle of everything, so you can do Disney one day and SeaWorld the next. You’re also not limited to park dining options, which gives you the opportunity to try out some of the hottest restaurants in the Orlando food scene. Or, simply dine on some takeout after a long day of park hopping.

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Make the Most of Non-Park Days

A trip to Orlando would hardly be complete without visiting one or more of the theme parks located there. But tickets for the whole family can really add up. Consider adding in some non-park days to your itinerary to save a little money and help yourself explore the nearby area. With a variety of malls, restaurants and local attractions to choose from, you won’t even miss the long ride lines. You’ll be refreshed and ready to head back to the parks the next morning. Best time to go tip: Midweek is usually slower, even in peak season.


Enjoy the Benefits of Home

Staying in a rental home versus a hotel room gives you many of the benefits of staying in your own home. Amenities such as a full-sized kitchen let you save time and money by letting you cook a meal or two a day instead of eating out for each one. Many Kissimmee home rentals also have perks like backyard pools that let you relax in privacy after a long day at the park.

Live Like a Local

Staying off of park property gives you the advantage of enjoying Kissimmee at a local’s pace. You can check out nearby attractions, such as walking trails, golf courses and farmers markets, that you’d otherwise miss out on. Additionally, you can find a favorite coffee shop that’s not swamped with tourists or plastered with mouse ears to enjoy your morning routine before heading off on your day’s adventure.

Bring the Whole Crew

If you have a larger family or enjoy vacationing with friends, a Kissimmee rental home gives you the option to stay with everyone in one location. Many vacation homes easily accommodate six to eight people, but there are options for staying with larger groups of 20 or more. The best part? Everyone can simply split the cost, rather than having to shell out for their own hotel rooms.