St. Augustine, Florida, is ideally located in northeastern Florida on the Atlantic coast. As the oldest settlement in America that has been continuously inhabited, this town is a beautiful vacation destination for anyone who enjoys history. As you plan your trip, you have many attractive options for vacation rentals, St. Augustine, FL, style. The historic attractions in the area are also plentiful.

Historic Downtown St. Augustine Vacation Rentals

St. Augustine offers a wide array of vacation rentals to appeal to virtually anyone. Those who want to immerse themselves in the iconic historical atmosphere of this city certainly want to stay in the downtown district. Staying in the middle of the city gives you easy access to many popular attractions. You can venture out on foot to explore the city, gaining a delightful perspective of St. Augustine. Being so near these exciting attractions, you might not even need to rent a car, which can also reduce your overall vacation expenses.

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Touring Historic Downtown St. Augustine

As you tour the downtown district of St. Augustine, you have easy access to many attractions. St. George Street is an iconic thoroughfare with galleries, shops and restaurants. One of the best things about St. George Street is the lack of vehicular traffic. In fact, the city even prohibits bikes on this street, making it an ideal place to explore by foot. The Colonial Quarter on St. George Street is where history comes alive before your eyes. Explore this living museum to see typical activities that happened back during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in St. Augustine. While you’re in the area, be sure to check out Lightner Museum in downtown St. Augustine. Open every day of the week, this museum features a self-guided tour of its art collection. Special exhibits also rotate in and out regularly to keep the museum fresh and interesting.


Additional St. Augustine Attractions

Anyone who wants to delve into the world of exotic animals loves a visit to the St. Augustine Wild Reserve. This sanctuary is a spot where unwanted or rescued exotic animals go to live safely. You can reserve a time for a tour of the facility. Fort Mose is another fascinating attraction where you can explore history. Once a stop on the Underground Railroad, many slaves spent time at Fort Mose. This structure was also an important point of defense in the 18th century.


A visit to St. Augustine promises to be a delightful excursion for the history buff. With reservations at one of the many vacation rentals in the area, you can be ready to tour the city.

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