The Great Smoky Mountains cover land in both Tennessee and North Carolina. This subrange of the Appalachian Mountains makes it an ideal vacation destination. When you want a find large enough to accommodate the whole family, look for a big and rustic cabin in the mountains. With many options for cabin rentals, Smoky Mountains in Tennessee has everything you need for your upcoming family vacation.

Cabins In The Smoky Mountains

Many cabins in the Smoky Mountains are located near Gatlinburg, Sevierville and Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. These three tourist towns are centrally located amidst many attractions. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is just a five-minute drive from Gatlinburg, approximately 20 minutes from Pigeon Forge by car and about a 30-minute drive from Sevierville. Cabins are located within these cities, on the outskirts and in more remote forested areas. Great Smoky Mountains National Park even has a lodge perched near the summit of Mount LeConte. These accommodations feature a central lodge and several cabins surrounding it that can normally accommodate up to 13 people.

Finding Large Cabins

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Finding large cabins that will accommodate a big family may seem challenging. The good news is that this area is particularly well-suited for large groups, so finding sizable cabins is not difficult. A number of resorts and rental companies actually specialize in offering large and oversized cabins for big groups. These cabins are ideal for extended families, church or school groups and professional groups planning work retreats in the Smoky Mountains.

Cabin Amenities

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Cabins in the area typically feature numerous bedrooms to provide all guests with just the right amount of privacy. You’ll also find multiple bathrooms and seating areas, plentiful storage and closets, oversized kitchens with all the appliances and equipment you’ll need to feed everyone, home theaters and game rooms, hot tubs, multiple patios and decks, propane grills and even indoor pools in some cabins. Cabins located on resorts will have additional amenities to enjoy, such as miniature golf courses, tennis courts, shuffleboard, hiking trails, fitness centers and more.

Know What You Need

If the kids can squeeze into sleeping bags on the floor, a big family can get away with a two- or three-bedroom cabin with breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains. When extended family and friends become a part of your vacation plans, you need to get an idea of exactly how many bedrooms and what amount of kitchen and dining space suit your brood. If a three-bedroom cabin won’t cut it, look into the huge rental cabins that sleep up to 40 guests in as many as 10 bedrooms.

One Cabin Or Several Cabins?

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Big cabins or several cabins are both options that are available to anyone who is searching for Smoky Mountain cabin rentals. Stick to one large cabin to keep the family together and have cozy dinners, games by the fireplace and shared coffee in the morning on the veranda. Choose to book several cabins if you prefer a little privacy while keeping your family close. Families with older children even rent cabins just for the kids to enjoy while the adults stick together in separate accommodations. Cabins located around a picnic area or along a lakefront are superb choices for families with many children.

Do The Research

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When searching for the perfect vacation rental, doing a little homework makes the choices less intimidating. Talk to the rental manager or the cabin owners to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want for your vacation stay. Make sure you know about any extra fees that can include resort fees, parking charges and cleaning fees or damage deposits. Get information about the cancellation policy if your plans are subject to sudden changes so you’re not stuck paying for a cabin you can’t use.

Budget For The Best

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A giant cabin that sleeps 30 people and has an incredible view of the mountains is going to cost quite a bit more than a little cottage by the lake. Use the location to haggle your pricing or take an off-season vacation to save some big bucks. The busy season begins in mid-June and goes through August. Skip this time of the year to save money on that huge cabin that houses the whole family. October is also very busy because of the fall foliage tours. Head over to the Smoky Mountains in September or November and avoid higher rates.

Compare The Perks

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Compare the perks to help you choose between two similar large cabins. One cabin might offer tons of fun amenities like a pool, tennis courts, volleyball pits and access to the river while another cabin might be more limited. Comparing the perks makes it simple to choose between similar vacation rentals. Don’t forget to include the view in your review.

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Round up the whole family for an unforgettable family reunion in the Smoky Mountains. The cabins located throughout this rugged area are especially well-suited for large groups, and you may be astonished at how comfortable and upscale the cabins can be. You’ll be settled in no time and ready to enjoy everything there is to see and do in the Great Smoky Mountains.