The Hawaiian Islands bring to mind beautiful beaches, warm breezes and sparkling Pacific Ocean waves. Picking the best location to purchase a condo as a Hawaii vacation rental among the several islands is easier when you have some pointers. Check out these tips to pick the top location for one or more rental condos in Hawaii.

List Your Loves

Dream condos in Hawaii are often located just steps from the sandy beaches so that you start each morning with a swim in the ocean. Favorite Hawaii condos for sale are also found right in the city with quick access to nightclubs, shopping and restaurants to enjoy the excitement of the city. On the other hand, you may be more excited to explore the lush jungle landscapes and climb the cliffs of the smaller islands. Regardless of the style of condos in Hawaii, the location is going to be your first decision. List what you love about Hawaii and narrow your choices to those locations that provide the access that you need. When you’re not vacationing in your condo, chances are there will be plenty of people to rent to who love the same things about Hawaii that you do.

Explore the Options


While you’re working on deciding where your dream condos in Hawaii will be located, take a little vacation to test drive some areas. Pick a vacation condo in the mountains and one near the coastal waters and determine which makes you feel most at home. Visiting Hawaii a few times before you make a big decision like purchasing a home in the Hawaiian islands means that you’re familiar with everything that occurs near your chosen area.

Plan for the Resale

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Eventually, you may want or need to resell your condo. Use a real estate agent to determine desirable areas of the Hawaiian islands, and you won’t have to worry about making your money back if you ever need to resell your vacation home. Because circumstances change quickly, a high resale area means that your condo in Hawaii is an investment for your future.

Find Out if Short-term Rentals Are Allowed

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As you’re searching for rental condos to buy, make sure the condo building allows short-term rentals. Renting your condo to vacationers who spend a week or two in the Hawaiian Islands is a terrific way to save money, pay for condo fees and make a profit. Ensure that your chosen condo building allows short-term rentals before moving forward.

Decide on a Condo or a Condotel

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Many condos in areas like Kona are classified as condotels with hotel-like amenities that include maid services, concierge desks and a door person who checks you in and out of the building. This type of hotel in the Hawaiian Islands tends to be slightly more difficult to finance as they are quite a bit more expensive than the standard condos. Before you fall in love with a particular condo, check to see what type of category the building falls into and which fees are associated with ownership.