Finding the perfect Mexico Beach rentals for your Florida vacation doesn’t have to be a chore. Check out these tips to get a great vacation rental and spend more time enjoying “The Unforgettable Coast.”

Get to Know the Area

Getting to know the area means understanding exactly what Mexico Beach has to offer when it comes to a great vacation. Spend a little time with your local travel agent, a real estate agent or online to grab an overview of this tiny town on Florida’s northwestern coast. From the long stretches of white sand beaches to the incredible wildlife, Mexico Beach has plenty of outdoor fun for the whole family.

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Grab a map of Mexico Beach online to get an idea of exactly where you want to stay. Is the sunset view of the beach a priority? Then beachfront vacation rentals are going to be number one on your vacation list. Mexico Beach, FL, is also known for its quiet streets, delicious seafood restaurants and locally owned boutiques and shops. This means that staying off of the waterfront puts you in a quiet town with plenty of laid-back activities to enjoy regardless of the season.

Determine Your Needs

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With so many beautiful beaches up and down the coast of Florida, Mexico Beach stands out with its pure white sands and incredible reefs for anyone who loves the Gulf of Mexico. Before you select a Mexico Beach, FL, vacation rental, make a list of the things that interest you about this unforgettable coast town. If the beaches are your main interest, or if you’re bringing your boat to spend time snorkeling the extensive artificial reef system, a beachfront vacation home with a boat dock is an awesome choice for your vacation.

Stay Near the Sites You Want to See

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Explore the shops and restaurants, or head just down the beach to the Mexico Beach Public Pier for some incredible fishing. Charter a boat and head out to deeper water for the catch of the day or take a quiet cruise at sunset to check out the dolphins. Vacation rental homes located off of the beaches or just a few blocks from the gulf tend to be less expensive than beachfront options while offering access to tons of great Mexico Beach, FL, adventures. Explore Frost’s Pottery Garden, take a day trip in a kayak rental, or step right out of your beachfront condo for a walk down the sparkling white sands to collect your own shells.


Condos and beach cottages are available throughout the year, but getting the best deals means skipping the summer season if possible. Between June and August, the beaches tend to be pretty busy, so check out late spring or early fall to capture a large selection of fun vacation rentals and condos without fighting the crowds.