Guntersville, Alabama, sits on the banks of the Tennessee River where it meets Guntersville Lake. Surrounded by pristine waters on almost every side, Guntersville is brimming with amazing natural beauty and a wide-ranging assortment of things to do for you and your significant other.


Planning a Romantic Getaway in Guntersville

As you plan a romantic getaway in Guntersville, you won’t be disappointed by the many fanciful options you have at your disposal. Your vacation itinerary can be nothing short of unforgettable. Continue reading to hear about our top 5 romantic picks of things to do on your trip.


Lake Guntersville State Park


Lake Guntersville State Park sprawls over 6,000 acres of hills, valleys, and forests. The park features 36 miles of trails where cyclists, hikers, and horses share the path. Visitors can shoot through the woods on an aerial zip line tour with a variety of packages available.

Fishing in Lake Guntersville is always an option, either from the shore or out on a boat rented within the park. Definitely keep an eye on the sky while you’re there in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a bald eagle. It wouldn’t be that unheard of, because a fair number of them live in the park. One of the main conservation efforts of the park is protecting the Eagle’s natural habitat. We recommend you spend some time staring up into the tree line and finding a bald Eagle together.

Romantic Thing To Do: While it may come as a shock, our top pick for the couple ready for romance here is zip lining! An activity typically revered for its ability to get your heart racing, we find it to be the perfect aphrodisiac for you and your partner. Face your fears and fly through the trees together, the same way Tarzan and Jane started out. See the above link for more details on how to book your excursion today.


Monte Sano State Park

Visiting Monte Sano State Park promises to be a spectacular experience, thanks to the more than 2,000 acres of forested mountains. The park has 59 improved campsites, a few rustic campsites, and 14 cabins for secluded and romantic overnight stays. With 20 miles of trails for hiking and 14 miles of bike trails, you’ll have no problem staying busily active at the park. If you and your partner enjoy lovely fall smells and colors, try to plan your trip in the fall. The park is most vibrant this time of year as the seasons change. You’ll enjoy gorgeous mountain views all framed with orange, yellow and red leaves.

Most Romantic Thing To Do: Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. With one of the most beautiful gardens in the area, Huntsville Botanical Gardens is our top pick for a romantic activity in this area. We suggest taking a look at their event calendar and checking to see what type of things you might expect to enjoy during your stay.


Monsanto Tract


Get back to nature and nurture your relationship with a trek through Monsanto Tract. Secluded and quiet, this pristine piece of land covers 209 acres, featuring mountainous pines, hardwoods, and nesting habitats for Bald Eagles, and plenty of fishing opportunities. This beautiful scenic peninsula will provide plenty of great photo opportunities to commemorate your trip. The land trust is also famous for its bird watching. We’d suggest that you hit Coon Creek as a first location. You’re most likely to spot the coveted Bald Eagle there.

Most Romantic Thing To Do: There is nothing more classically romantic than horseback riding, and Monsanto Tract has no shortage of unbelievable opportunities for you to experience it first hand. With so many trails and options to choose from, we’d encourage you to choose a mid-range trail, one that will leave you time to enjoy dinner later. Check out the Splinter Hill Bog or for a quicker trot hit the Shoal Creek Preserve.


Old Town Stock House

After you’ve worked up an appetite at one of the area’s state parks or nature preserves, do yourself a favor and stop in for dinner at the Old Town Stock House. The quaint surroundings for this restaurant date back to 1901, which gives it a distinctive old-world charm. The farm-to-table fare set the stage for a mouthwatering meal as you unwind at a quiet corner table. A simple yet elegant meal is what you can expect at the Old Town Stock House. Chef Crystal is a local with experience studying and cooking in both New York City and Atlanta.

Most Romantic Thing To Do: Chef Crystal is absolutely amazing. We strongly recommend that before dining at the Old Town Stock House, you call ahead and book a private menu tasting for two.


Kayaking on Lake Guntersville

Picture a quiet morning, the sun has just started to rise. Mist and fog still linger on the lake’s surface. Your first conscious breath of the day is crisp and fresh. Looking out over the water, you and your partner grab the kayak and head out onto the water to enjoy a peaceful lap around the lake. The scenic views and incredible shoreline forest look like something out of a movie. As can be assumed, we think that kayaking on this majestic lake is the perfect thing for you to do as a couple. Combining exercise and quiet time together is the perfect balance of alone time and solitude. For more information on rentals and all things related to boating on the lake, get in touch with the people at Lake Guntersville State Park.


Where To Stay In Guntersville

There is an absolutely exhaustive list of lodging options in this beautiful town. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious or you and your other half want to rough it in the woods, our plethora of options is sure to offer up something that you’re interested in. With so many great options, we’ve taken the liberty of drafting up a shorter list of there areas you should consider when booking your trip with us.

Chandler Ridge

While technically just outside of Guntersville, Chandler Ridge offers its guests some spectacular views from the bay across the way. The location offers a wide range of lodging options but is most known for some great condos and homes.

Davidson Hallow

The bay next to Chandler Ridge, Davidson Hallow is very similar in the sense that it is just outside of Chandler Ridge. If you’re looking to spend a lot of time on the water either with rented or owned boats, we suggest you choose something in this vicinity. It’s a sensational place to wake up in the morning, boasting some of the most incredible views Guntersville has to offer.

Ogletree Park

If you’re looking for something closer to the center of town, but still want some ruffage and natural beauty, then look no further than the Ogletree Park area. A lovely park that sits right on the western shore of the peninsula, Ogletree Park combines convenience with nature. Again, a great option if you’d like to spend a lot of time on the water.


Guntersville Is Waiting For You!

Your romance will enjoy a measurable surge with a getaway to Guntersville, and the southern hospitality should put you immediately at ease as you tour the many beautiful attractions in this area. So, if you’re ready to enjoy all of the romantic sights in and around Guntersville, get your trip planning started today! Book your stay on VacationRenter!