The annual celebration of Mardi Gras is happening on February 25th in New Orleans, Louisiana, along with many other locations across the United States.

It’s an understatement to say that there is bound to be a lot of partying happening throughout the week both before and after the official “Fat Tuesday.” So with that in mind, we want to help you be prepared with a checklist of items you should probably have on hand while you enjoy the festivities this year.

  1. Physical Note of Key Information


    Whether you’re familiar with the area or not, you’re definitely going to want to play it on the safe side if you plan to go out and celebrate Mardi Gras. (Especially so if you’re not familiar with the area!)

    Why the old school route of writing your vacation rental address and other key information down on paper instead of just storing it on your phone? Well, go ahead and do both, but the reason for our suggestion is because a paper note has zero chance of dying at the wrong moment. Like there’s absolutely none.

    In fact, we’d suggest taking our old school tip a step further and — gasp! — wrapping it up in a Ziploc bag along with any other essentials you’d hate to see get wet in case rain, sweat, or any spilled drinks occur.

  2. Poncho or Raincoat


    We mentioned storing a piece of paper in a Ziploc bag with your rental address and other other essentials is a smart idea. That way even if rain, sweat or spilled drinks ever occur, the information and items you vitally need will still stay safe.

    With that said, even if you do have all of that safely stored away, all aforementioned incidents and accidents could still impact your clothes and general body during the course of some typically wild celebrations occurring.

    Go ahead and pack a poncho or raincoat so you can be prepared for any and all varieties of weather and non-weather events that might happen during the course of Mardi Gras. It’s just always better to be safe than sorry.

  3. Tracking Device for Keys or Wallet


    The good news is if you made sure to put your rental address and other vital information down on paper (bonus points if you stored it in a Ziploc bag), you will easily be able to get back to your place and crash when you’re ready. The bad news? That probably won’t matter if you don’t have keys to get in.

    Grab a tracking device like Tile that can easily attach to your keys, wallet, and phone. That way if you end up leaving either of them behind at one of the many incredible bars or music venues you hit up during the course of Mardi Gras, you’ll be able to immediately find out where you can track them down.

  4. Water Bottles


    The option to drink while you’re out and about in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras is a seriously great one. It’ll save you time and money during the festivities to have a personal stash of your favorite always on hand. But play it smart on two fronts by having a bottle for your favorite along with a separate one for water always ready so you can be sure and stay hydrated, too.

    It’ll keep the party going longer and be a whole lot more fun if you do. While there are a multitude of container options to choose from, Vapur has a compact build that will come in handy if you want to try and economize on space.

  5. Change of Clothes


    So even with your vital information safely stored in a Ziploc bag, and a poncho or raincoat ready to go, you should probably still go ahead and have some backup clothes packed away.

    Guys, an extra t-shirt and boxers tossed in your backpack could be very helpful as the day wears on. Girls, keep a top, leggings, and your makeup essentials handy in case weather isn’t on your side.

    There’s just no denying that things can and will get crazy during the course of Mardi Gras. It’s better to have some backup items ready so you don’t have to call it an early celebration due to some unforeseeable misstep or accident.

  6. Battery Pack


    Just because you have all your key information written down on a piece of paper doesn’t mean you want your phone to die during the course of Mardi Gras.

    From calling and texting friends to documenting all the great sights and sounds with photos and videos, pack a battery pack, or at least a charger, so you can hopefully ensure your phone lasts through the majority of the celebration.

  7. Comfortable Shoes


    It may seem like this one is obvious and doesn’t need to be mentioned. But then there’s always going to be someone who forgets that Mardi Gras goes for a really long time and a huge portion of that time will be spent on your feet. So here we are.

    Wearing new shoes that haven’t been broken in yet or anything on the fancy side is almost a guarantee of blisters and a really bad time. Don’t have a bad time while you’re at Mardi Gras. Put on your most comfortable pair of shoes before you head out to celebrate this year.

  8. A Ton of Beads


    Mardi Gras and beads go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly or dark chocolate and sea salt. Those little plastic baubles attached on a string suddenly become worth almost as much as gold once Mardi Gras kicks off.

    So go ahead and become a Mardi Gras magnate by investing just a few dollars in a large stock of beads before heading out to the festivities. You’re bound to find yourself incredibly popular almost anywhere you go by doing so.

Hopefully these tips will have you ready to enjoy an incredible Mardi Gras in New Orleans!