Myrtle Beach is the centerpiece of a 60-mile stretch lined with white sand, towering condos, bold beach houses, and old-fashioned boardwalks, also known as the Grand Strand. This vacation hub draws thousands of visitors from all over the world seeking an escape by the Atlantic Ocean.

Among those visitors are many four-legged companions! If you’re seeking a pet-friendly escape, Myrtle Beach is a great place for animals who love the beach. Follow these tips to create the best pet-friendly family vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Pet-Friendly Myrtle Beach Vacation Homes

Good news is, a number of Myrtle Beach vacation homes will welcome your pets! These vacation rentals typically have unique policies regarding rentals to parties who bring their pets along. Expect policies to dictate the number of pets allowed, breeds that are welcome, and the size of the pets allowed at each rental unit. You will likely need to pay an extra fee to book with your pets, and you may also need to pay an additional security deposit.

Tips for Letting Your Pets Tag Along

There are several places in Myrtle Beach where you and your furry friend can spend some quality time on vacation. These pet-friendly tips will make your holiday in Myrtle Beach both rewarding and fun.

  1. Follow the Rules

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    Although your pet-friendly vacation rental is a terrific place to let your four-legged friend run free, you’ll need to follow the rules when you head to the beach. The City of Myrtle Beach allows leashed dogs on beaches before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. between May 1st and Labor Day every September. During the remaining times of the year, leashed dogs can be on the beach and the boardwalk at any time, and you are always responsible for cleaning up after your pet.

  2. Head to the “Barc Parc”

    Even though you’re probably concentrating on making your Myrtle Beach vacation a breeze for the whole family, don’t forget adding in fun for your canine friend. Dog parks — also known as Barc Parcs — are located conveniently near Grand Park, and just north of the beach. Plan to burn off some of that excess doggy energy at the Barc Parc and choose a vacation rental that is within walking distance to make your life that much easier.
  3. Check Out Barefoot Landing

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    Situated near the Intracoastal Waterway, filled with live music and pet-friendly restaurants, Barefoot Landing makes Myrtle Beach even better for families with pets. Although the beaches are beautiful, a vacation rental near Barefoot Landing puts you right in the middle of all the exciting nightlife and delicious food. One fantastic pet-friendly restaurant in the area is Greg Norman Australian Grille, where you can dine on the patio with your leashed canine, while enjoying a view of the water. Just about 20 minutes outside of Myrtle Beach, this area is a suitable choice for evening fun.

  4. Other Pet-Friendly Places

    More restaurants and pubs have pet-friendly accommodations in their outdoor seating areas, including Boardwalk Billy’s and 8th Ave Tiki Bar & Grill. Dog boarding facilities like Camp Bow Wow are also available with services like overnight stays, grooming, and washing and even dog walking for days spent without your favorite furry buddy.

Don’t Forget To Bring the Essentials

Although Myrtle Beach rentals might have all the items you need to enjoy a family vacation on the Grand Strand, there might be some pet-friendly articles missing from the inventory. Be prepared and pack the following items to ensure your furry family member has a wonderful vacation too:

  • your pet’s favorite food
  • leashes and/or collars
  • proof of vaccinations and licensing
  • a favorite dog towel for ocean swims
  • pet waste-removal bags
  • a kennel (if you plan on leaving your pet at the beach house while you have dinner or spend a day in the shops)

Not only will you fall in love with Myrtle Beach, but your four-legged family member is sure to love it too. Settle into your vacation home so that everyone is comfortable, and then get out to enjoy everything there is to see and do on the Grand Strand of South Carolina.

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