Include some family-friendly New York City tours in your Big Apple travel plans to give everyone something extra to anticipate on your next trip. Tours also provide a way to learn about the history of an area or about a specific topic. Book a stay at a comfortable vacation rental home, and then map out a route to get around the city so you know about how long it takes to reach each venue.

The 5 best tours in New York

  1. NYC Helicopter Tour

    Thrill seekers enjoy this soaring tour that takes you high above New York City. Enjoy an expansive view of the city, and capture some stunning aerial photos to keep as mementos of the tour. See some of New York’s historic sights, such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Central Park in a 20-minute ride. Let your kids enjoy a special view of Yankee Stadium and the city’s famous bridges, too.

  2. Madame Tussauds New York Wax Museum

    Popular culture enthusiasts take in the sights and enjoy photo opportunities with favorite figures from movies and TV during this tour of the waxworks in NYC. Introduce the family to some of history’s great thinkers, superheroes and pop culture figures with a tour of Madame Tussauds New York museum. This facility has packages that include touring the site and interactive experiences. The interactive experiences in the gold and platinum packages have minimum ages allowed, so be sure to confirm that your children’s ages meet the minimums allowed before buying tickets.

  3. New York TV and Movie Tour
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    Film buffs may consider this one of the don’t-miss New York City tours, because it takes guests to see where popular movies and TV shows are filmed. This three-hour tour changes destinations from time-to-time, so even if you’ve taken the tour before, you can expect to see fresh sights and hear new stories. The tour takes you from Midtown, through Manhattan and back to Midtown, and the guide shares trivia about the sights as well as telling you about the programs filmed at each stop.

  4. Greenwich Village Cupcake Tour
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    This sweet-themed two-hour tasting tour includes six stops in historic Greenwich Village. You get to sample gelato and the baked confections created in some of the city’s popular cupcake shops, and you get to build your own cupcake at one of the stops. The tour combines a history lesson with some decadent treats. The guide points out some of Greenwich Village landmarks and shares information about the history of how cupcakes are made. Be sure to snap some pictures of your family or take a fun selfie with your kids and cupcakes at some of the sites.

  5. Pizza Tasting Bus Tour

    This tour adds a tasty twist to your New York City vacation. Foodies and pizza lovers hop on an air-conditioned school bus to travel around town and taste pizza from some of the city’s best pizzerias. The tour carries you through the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn. The tour guide shares information about the areas visited and the pizzas offered to guests. Beverages aren’t included, so plan to get your own drinks. You do get a goodie bag at the end of trip.