Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your pet at home while you go on vacation — and you don’t always have to! Maybe the kennel is booked solid, you have a service pet or your family won’t leave without Fido. You, your family and your pet are all in luck if you’re traveling to Las Vegas. There are well over 150 hotels in Las Vegas that are considered pet friendly, according to You’ll find family-friendly and pet-friendly Las Vegas vacation rentals that’ll help your furry companion feel pampered, too. Here are a few things to consider as you’re looking for pet-welcoming accommodations.


Pet Restrictions in many Vegas hotels and Resorts

Pet-friendliness comes with caveats in most hotels. Accommodations on the Strip and downtown may limit the sizes, the number and the types of pets that can stay. You’ll find listings that accept only small dogs, while some accept large dogs and many limit the number of pets you can bring. Some hotels will not accept cats or pit bulls. Pets may have to weigh under a certain amount to meet a hotel’s requirements. Your best bet could be an extended stay hotel in the Vegas area; these facilities are used to families with pets tagging along for the stay. There’s usually a fee for pets staying at hotels, though it may be waived for service animals, so it’s important to build that into your vacation fund.


Pet Care Services in Vegas

Most hotels require that guests don’t leave animals unattended for any time during their stay, even if the room is pet-friendly. There are plenty of dog sitters and doggy daycare options right in Las Vegas. To accommodate Las Vegas night owls, there are even pet sitters and services that are open 24/7.


Room to Wander

Remember that there may not be a lot of grass for your pet to enjoy if you’re staying on the Strip or Downtown. For more leg room for your dog, consider accommodations or an entire house a few miles away from the Strip, or in an adjoining town, such as Henderson. Most towns are extremely close to the casino activity and entertainment, so you’ll never feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere.


Pets and Loud Noises

Another consideration is how sensitive your pet is to loud noises and lights. Las Vegas, known as Sin City and also the City of Lights, can be overwhelming for a pet. It can get crowded on sidewalks even if you’re hoping to take your dog for a quick walk. Consider accommodations farther away from the hubbub to make your pet feel most comfortable.