As the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin is a favorite place for music lovers on vacation. In addition to a lively music scene, it has dozens of museums, galleries, outdoor spaces, shopping spots and delicious restaurants to round out the trip. Before browsing Austin hotels and booking a room, consider renting a vacation home in Austin to get the most out of your trip. Check out what you get by skipping the hotel and living like a local in an Austin vacation rental.

Experience Austin’s Unique Neighborhoods

Austin is a large city that’s divided up into many neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own personality and different things to offer. For example, South Lamar is a largely residential neighborhood that’s low-key and away from the touristy side of town but still close enough for vacationers. It’s just five minutes from downtown and offers several affordable restaurants, shops and accommodations for those traveling on a budget. On the other hand, South Congress is a lively and vibrant neighborhood filled with music venues, galleries and lots of character. By skipping Austin hotels, you immerse yourself into the local culture and get the full Austin experience, just like a local.

Privacy for Your Entire Stay


No early morning wake up calls. No “do not disturb signs.” No housekeepers in your space. Austin vacation rentals provide you with a greater level of privacy. Additionally, being in a vacation house, apartment or condo means you’re not surrounded by hundreds of other people on tourist excursions. If you’re here for a quiet getaway, you don’t have to worry about the party in the room next door like you might at a downtown Austin hotel.

More Space to Live


If you’re in Austin for all 10 days of SXSW or you’ve traveled here with your extended family for a reunion, a hotel room can start to feel pretty small. Vacation rental homes have multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and living areas where everyone can spread out to enjoy some downtime. Vacation rentals offer common spaces to enjoy when traveling with a large group or for an extended stay versus booking a hotel. It is easy to get everyone together for a game of Uno or a shared mea.

Amenities You Love


Don’t give up any of those amenities you look forward to when staying in an Austin hotel. Many rentals have pools, spas and other features that hotels offer. In addition, rentals have full kitchens. Save money by cooking a few meals at your vacation rental home. Try something really unique by hiring a private chef for a special dinner. Or just enjoy a larger refrigerator for storing your leftovers from some of the popular restaurants in Austin.

More Value for Your Money


Lastly, a vacation rental offers more value for your money over Austin hotels. Many houses, condos and apartments in downtown, Hyde Park, Clarksville, Zilker and other neighborhoods are priced comparably to hotels in the same areas. The difference is that you control your accommodations and get to choose the space that best meets the needs of your trip, no matter if you’re in Austin for work or play.