Las Vegas is a city that truly has everything to offer. Whether it’s dining 106 stories up at an upscale restaurant or hiking in the surrounding desert and taking in colors that couldn’t be imagined before there is certainly something for everybody in this desert oasis. World-class performances by the biggest names in the industry put on shows here nightly. Casinos and hotels that are truly unmatched anywhere else are in abundance up and down the famous Las Vegas Strip. There are almost too many things to do here. This list will help navigate the first Las Vegas experience and make it one for the memories.

Important Considerations

Air Conditioning

Temperatures upwards of 100 degrees are common in Vegas, particularly during the summer months. Unusually, a property in this area won’t have air conditioning, but it’s still important to check to make sure this feature is available, particularly if you’re planning to visit during spring, summer, or fall.


Parking used to be fairly easy in Vegas, with casinos offering no-charge garages to everyone. That’s changed, and if you’re looking at condos in casino-owned high-rise towers, you should be sure of parking costs before planning a vacation that includes a car rental. Condos off the Strip don’t always suffer from the trend toward paid parking.


Pools offer a great way to kill time or keep kids entertained in hot desert weather during the day, so look into this specifically before booking. While most Vegas hotels offer pool access, rental houses, particularly those in residential neighborhoods, may not. As you’re planning a trip, remember that many casinos allow non-guests to pay for pool access.

Access to Public Transportation

Vegas has many good public transportation options, including a monorail that runs the length of the Strip, a public bus system, and free shuttle services from monorail stations to casinos. This all means that renting a car in Vegas isn’t necessarily a requirement. If you’re staying off the Strip, make sure the nearby public transit is walkable. Factor hot weather into the equation, too.


Hot weather, smoky casinos, and lots of activity can mean that you end up wanting to do some laundry on vacation. Rental homes do often come with laundry facilities in the unit, but this isn’t a guarantee. It’s worth looking into, particularly if you’re traveling with kids.

Internet Access

While most casino hotels offer internet access, Las Vegas condo rentals may not. If you usually plan vacations on the go or need internet access to do things like look up show reservation times or find directions to Hoover Dam, check whether your chosen rental offers internet access before finalizing your booking.

Where to Stay in Sin City

Las Vegas offers some of the most magical experiences when it comes to places to stay. Each hotel comes packed with its own unique set of amenities that will blow vacationers coming here for the first time away. Choosing the right spot is crucial to creating a good time and navigating this wild city with ease. Places to choose to stay when coming with kids as opposed to coming here solo will vary drastically so it is best to be in the know about what areas to look for and where to avoid depending on the type of vacation that is being had. Here are a few ideas and things to take into consideration when looking for the perfect place to stay.

Kid-Friendly Areas

Over the years Las Vegas has become a place that is more accommodating for children than it was in the past. There are now many kid-friendly activities to enjoy here as a family and just as many kid-friendly places to stay. Parents traveling with young children or infants should check to see whether the rental offers any kid-friendly supplies. Vegas hotels often offer things like cribs and playpens for rent or free of charge, but Las Vegas vacation rentals may not offer these as amenities. Checking ahead allows you to pack accordingly to make sure the trip is smooth and comfortable for everyone.

The Mirage Hotel and Casino is the perfect place to stay for kids. The nightly volcano show will be sure to attract their undivided attention with its bright spectacle of lights and fire. On top of that kids can enjoy Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. They will be amazed gazing upon the massive trained white tigers and watch in delight as dolphins swim and play with one another.

Favorite local spots: The Children’s Discovery Museum offers more things for kids to do in Las Vegas than one could count. Multiple exhibits both permanent and rotating grace this museum and with events happening here regularly, there is always something special to be seen here.

Take in the Spectacular Views

Staying off the Strip doesn’t have to mean being isolated from the best of what Vegas has to offer. There are many beautiful views to enjoy from different parts of the city — and not just of the bright neon lights. Las Vegas is surrounded by unmatched state parks and other wildernesses that offer breathtaking views of the desert with colors to go along with it that could only be dreamed of. Mountains and desert landscapes can also be part of the vacation experience, and some vacation rentals are better than others in this regard.

The Summerlin neighborhood in Las Vegas is the premier destination to book a vacation rental home that is off the beaten path of the Las Vegas Strip and closer to massive amounts of parks, hiking, and biking trails. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area lies right at its doorstep and offers some of the most picturesque and majestic views that could be asked for in the entire United States.

Favorite local spots: For avid hikers, La Madre Mountains Wilderness offers unparalleled experiences. Bring the camping gear and go for a day or two of adventures in this majestic and vast landscape that is only a short ride away from the heart of the city.

Stay Close to the Airport

Staying off the Strip can mean saving some money, but that comes at the price of losing easy access to casinos. If your family wants to stay off the Strip precisely to avoid the crowds and vices, you may be more interested in suburbs such as Henderson and Summerlin. They’re good options for a more laid-back vibe. There is also a plethora of hotels that were built close to the airport just out of sheer convenience. Booking a stay here is also a convenient option when looking for places to stay in Las Vegas.

Henderson is a fantastic choice when thinking of places to stay in Las Vegas that aren’t in a hotel and close to the airport. The laid-back vibe of this suburb is perfect for those who are looking to get out of the city when the party is over. Couple that with proximity to the airport and it all adds up to being a great place to stay that is also close to the airport.

Favorite local spots: Get up close and personal with Lions that have been rescued and are living their lives out in peace at the Lion Habitat Ranch. Many different animals are held here offering visitors an amazing experience that isn’t the zoo or the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas and is also conveniently located in Henderson.

Las Vegas Awaits!

Las Vegas is a city that offers so many different things to do that it can almost be overwhelming for a first-time visitor to come up with a solid itinerary and make the most out of their time here. This list has put together a few different points to think about when it comes to the type of vacation that is about to be had. Picking the right place to stay depending on how and who you are traveling here with is crucial to having a successful vacation. This list has all the basics covered to create the perfect first time here. Get the bags packed because the glorious city of Las Vegas awaits.