San Antonio dates back to 1718, when it was first founded as a colonial outpost. San Antonio also comes in as the oldest municipality in Texas, so there’s plenty of history to explore in this city when you visit. As you plan an upcoming San Antonio trip, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to make your vacation more affordable and pleasant. Explore these tips for finding attractive travel deals to stretch your vacation dollars further.

Peak Tourist Season in San Antonio

The peak tourist season for San Antonio happens during the summer months when kids are out of school. This is the time when families arrive in droves, looking to experience all the city has to offer in the form of amusement parks, theme parks, festivals and historical attractions.

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As busy as the summer months are in San Antonio, this is also the hottest time of the year. The weather can be unbearable in San Antonio between June and August, with temperatures reaching well into the 90s or even up to 100 degrees. The humidity levels are also very high, making things feel even more uncomfortable. If you want to find travel deals and visit the city when the weather conditions are more pleasant, you’d be better off going anytime between November and April. During these months, the temperatures will range between the lower 60s and 80 degrees, with more moderate humidity levels. Crowds will be thinner and lodging rates will be much lower too. You’ll also find several exciting events that happen in San Antonio between November and April. The Alamo Bowl happens in late December or early January. The San Antonio Stock and Rodeo occurs during February. And in April, Fiesta San Antonio promises to be an exciting event.

Tips for Finding the Best Travel Deals

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Savvy travelers looking to score the best travel deals when visiting San Antonio should keep a few things in mind. First, flexibility is key as you scope out the places to stay and attractions to visit. Business conventions will likely be booked during November and April, so if you can book your stay around these conventions and choose times with lower occupancy, you might find lower rates. Try waiting to book until the last minute too. If you have the flexibility to pick up and get to San Antonio with as little as 24 hours’ notice, you can often get amazing deals on your vacation lodging. Rental companies would rather let a vacation unit go at a steep discount than have it sit empty.

Scour the Internet and social media platforms to find coupon codes you can use to receive discounts off lodging. Rental company websites and their social media feeds may provide you with codes you can enter when you book online or over the phone. If you can’t find coupon codes, ask for discounts directly. You never know how much you’ll save when you ask for a discount. Military, first-responder and senior discounts may also apply to you, so ask if you fit any of these groups.

Don’t Forget About Vacation Packages

Vacation packages are an effective way to save big bucks off a vacation. These packages typically involve rental of a vacation unit for a specific number of nights. Your stay might need to include specified days of the week too (perhaps not including weekend nights).

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Once you satisfy any requirements, your package might include free passes to area attractions such as theme parks, water parks and amusement parks. You might also receive passes to spas, golf courses, movie theaters, museums and restaurants. These packages might not include passes for everyone in your group, but you can get some real savings even if only a few of you can get into area attractions for free.

Build-your-own packages can be especially attractive. With these deals, you get your choice of admission tickets to the attractions you want to visit. Ask about kids-stay-free, kids-play-free or kids-eat-free packages, too. Many area accommodations have packages that won’t charge you for occupancy for your kids if they’re under a specified age. Some vacation packages also include free amenities in your vacation unit, such as free bottles of champagne or food baskets.

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When San Antonio is on your list of places to visit for an upcoming vacation, there are many ways you can enjoy a getaway without spending a bundle. Plan your vacation for a time when the rates are lower, the crowds are thinner and the weather is better. The benefits of your well-timed vacation will not only be better for your wallet, you’ll probably be much happier while you’re there, too. Don’t forget to do your homework to find the best deals and maybe even a great vacation package that includes additional amenities you can use while you’re there.