Breckenridge, Colorado is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Denver, which makes it a convenient place for a ski vacation. No matter where you live, you can travel to the area and make yourself at home at a Breckenridge, CO cabin rental. Before you set off and hit the slopes, consider these tips to plan out the perfect ski trip.

How to have a successful Breckenridge Ski Trip

  1. Book Your Own Cabin

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    Breckenridge offers a variety of different accommodation options, including a cabin rental. A cabin offers you privacy and a quiet place to rest after a long day of hitting the slopes, and many cabin rentals offer ski-in/ski-out access to the resort. You can opt for a rental in town or look out for one of many cabin rentals near Breckenridge, CO.
  2. Park Your Car

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    Driving in the snow can be a pain, but Breckenridge is an easy place to get around without a personal vehicle. Take advantage of the network of buses that run around town and up to the resort. You can even catch a shuttle from the Denver airport.
  3. Pack Lots of Layers
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    Winter in the Rocky Mountains is cold. To stay warm without adding a ton of bulk, pack layers. You can easily strip these off if you go inside the lodge for a rest, and bundle up more if you feel a chill. Essentials include sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves.

  4. Get a Map and Plan Your Day

    Breckenridge Ski Resort is a big place, and you might get lost if you don’t know the area. To avoid ending up on a run that’s out of your league, get a map beforehand and plan out where you want to explore. Usually, you’ll find easier runs towards the bottom, and they get progressively more challenging as you move up the mountain. Once you’re up there, pay attention to signage noting run names and difficulty levels.

  5. Find a Good Ski Rental Place

    There are lots of great ski rental shops scattered throughout Breckenridge and the surrounding area, so you have a lot of selection. The right one for you depends on where you rent your cabin, especially if you’re going car free for your trip. Look for a place close to where you’re staying. If you’re out of luck on that front, many shops offer shuttle services.

  6. Book a Lesson
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    If you’re a beginner, a ski lesson is essential before you explore the slopes on your own. Skiing is a challenging sport, but it gets much easier once someone shows you the ropes. If you know how to ski but haven’t done it in a while, you still might want to book a lesson as a refresher.

  7. Stay Hydrated

    Your body might take some time to adjust to high altitudes, and you may find yourself feeling slightly lightheaded or even nauseous at first. You can combat “mountain sickness” quickly by drinking lots of fluids. Pack a water bottle with you and refill it throughout the day.

  8. Explore the Town

    Breckenridge has more to offer than just skiing. Its core is filled with historic buildings, and it has an arts district packed with galleries and studios.

  9. Bring Sunscreen and Sunglasses
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    If you think that winter sports don’t require any UV protection, you’re wrong. The sun’s rays bounce off the snow, and the resulting glare can be even harsher than mid-summer rays. Slap on some sunscreen before you set off. Shield your eyes with some sunglasses.

  10. Treat Yourself to a Hot Meal
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    Most Breckenridge vacation rentals have kitchens, which is your best bet for enjoying meals on a budget. Still, there are a lot of restaurants in town, and after spending energy on the ski hill, you’ll appreciate a hot meal that you don’t have to cook. Treat yourself to dinner at least once while you’re there.