Everyone works hard during the week. The daily grind can chip away at your state of mind, leaving you longing for a change of pace. Fortunately,  VacationRenter understands the struggle and are here to help! When the planets align and you create the opportunity for a short trip, use these top tips to help you plan fantastic last-minute weekend getaways. 

Set a Budget

Since you’re only going away for a weekend, your travel budget may stretch further than it otherwise would. Determine how much you can spend for transportation, lodging, meals, shopping and activities. If you can afford a short flight, you will definitely ramp your getaway up a notch or two as you get outside of your hometown area to explore somewhere new and exciting.

Celebrate Spontaneity

Last-minute travel arrangements can be challenging, but when you are able to pick up and go with little notice, you often enjoy attractive rates for travel and lodging. Try waiting until midday Friday to see if any upscale hotels within a couple hours of home have weekend vacancies to fill. You might be pleasantly rewarded for your willingness to book at the last minute with significant savings that make your weekend that much more enjoyable.

Try Something New

Why not take the last-minute weekend to discover something completely outside of your comfort zone? If you’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding, you could book a couple of nights at a ski resort. Even if you don’t end up liking the downhill sport, there are plenty of other things you can do to entertain yourself at a ski resort, including snow tubing, hiking, shopping or just hanging out in the ski lodge with a nice warm beverage or cold beer. Many resorts will also have fabulous spas with beautiful views of the mountain. You’ll see, the peaceful snow really eases the mind!

Embrace the Road Trip

When you find yourself with a free weekend and a modest travel budget, pack up the car and see where you can drive to in four or five hours. After all, there is nothing better than a roadtrip.

You don’t even have to get bogged down in planning when you take off on this kind of adventure. Just choose a direction, possibly one you’ve never taken before, and drive until you find a place you’d like to stop. You can fill a cooler with snacks and food to really make this a budget-friendly adventure. You might even find some last-minute lodging deals by dropping in at a hotel or bed and breakfast on a Friday evening.

Some fun places to visit.

When planning your last minute getaway, take into consideration where you live. Whether you’re, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest or South, there are always plenty of great locations for a short weekend vacation. Here are a few recommendations that we love and know you will too!

The Poconos, Pennsylvania

If You are located in the North East, you are never too far to check out the Poconos in the great state of Pennsylvania. Located about two hours west of New York City, The Poconos has everything you could possibly need for your last minute weekend. Winter brings skiing! The Poconos have several amazing resorts for all of you skiers and snowboarders out there, as well as a plethora of beautiful cabins and condos to rent during your stay. Summertime means hiking, kayaking, swimming, camping and much much more. Of course we also want to mention the beautiful Mt. Airy Casino, open all year round. Going with the kids? Check out Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark only a couple miles down the road. 

Death Valley National Park, California. 

The name “Death Valley” can sound kind of scary, but fear not, it is actually a very beautiful and safe location. Located about three hours outside of Los Angeles, Death Valley is a fantastic place to take a last-minute vacation. Hiking, exploring and camping are just some of the amazing activities the Park has to offer. Check out Dante’s view. which overlooks Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the US. Walk through an oasis arriving at Darwin falls, or check out Mesquite Flat sand dunes. You can also visit a volcanic crater or visit Scotty’s castle. 

Austin, Texas

Austin is known as the “live music capital of the world”. There are bars and restaurants on practically every corner in the entertainment districts. But Austin is not just known for its live entertainment, but also for its scenery. Whether you’re a hiker, biker, boater or camper you will definitely find something for your last-minute getaway. Crystal clear lakes and swimming holes located all around like Barton Springs and Deep Eddy pools. Rolling hills and mountains line the horizon. Miles of Vineyards, waterfalls and caves all around the great city. There is certainly no shortage of activities all year round.

Time to Pack the Bags

A last-minute weekend getaway can be full of excitement and adventure, which can help power you through the upcoming work weeks. Try to step outside of your comfort zone as you explore your world. The list of activities and places to visit is endless. So instead of reading about it, pack up the car and go check it out for yourself.

Remember, You don’t have to spend weeks planning to have a fun relaxing getaway. Sometimes you can just look at a map and go. Those are often the best adventures anyways. We know you’ll find plenty of amazing activities to keep your mind off the work week!