No vacation in the Pacific Northwest should omit Portland from the itinerary. This Oregon port city is bustling with excitement and culture, making it an ideal destination for those looking to get out and explore. If your vacation dollar needs to stretch, you’re in luck. Many Portland vacation rentals are accompanied with discounts and specials, so it’s possible to tour within your budget.

Portland’s Seasons and Peak Tourist Times

Spring showers will definitely be around, but it’s possible to dodge the raindrops and enjoy the spring blossoms that seem to be everywhere. Temperatures will range from the 40s in early spring up to the 60s by the end of spring. Summer is the peak tourist season in Portland, largely due to the comfortable temperatures and dry weather. Plenty of festivals are scheduled every year, giving vacationers plenty to do. As temperatures drop in the autumn, so do the tourist numbers. Although the weather can get iffy, visitors can still stay busy in museums and shops during the fall. Winter is cold in Portland — no doubt about it. Visiting during the holiday season promises much to do with festivals and celebrations. Lodging rates tend to match the peak tourist times, so expect to pay top dollar for vacation rentals from late spring through early fall. If you want to grab a deal, visit Portland during the winter.

Ideas for Getting the Best Price on Vacation Rentals

You can try a number of strategies to save money on vacation rentals in Portland. Aside from visiting in the off-season, you might be able to snag a discount if you book a stay that spans seven or more days during the winter. Perusing websites and social media feeds will often enable you to discover online discount codes, which you can enter if you book online. You might also try waiting to book at the last minute. If your schedule permits, you can often get a decent discount if you book only days or hours before your stay begins.

Don’t Forget Vacation Packages

Some property management companies offer exciting vacation packages that can help you stretch your vacation budget a little farther. With a house or condo reservation, you’ll receive a package that can include special discounts or even free passes to area attractions. You might get in free to one of the many museums in downtown Portland, or perhaps you’ll have a nice discount at one of the many local restaurants.

Your Portland vacation will be that much more enjoyable when you can do it while saving money. You might even be surprised at how much you can see and do without excessive spending.