Located just off of the North Carolina coast and voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by National Geographic, Sunset Beach, NC, is a favorite beach destination for vacationers from around the world. Check out these tricks and tips to find the best deals on Sunset Beach rentals.

Talk Directly to the Owner

When you think you’ve found your favorite Sunset Beach rentals, take a few minutes to talk to the owners. Many vacation rentals have prices for weekday, weekend and seasonal rentals listed right on the websites, or with a rental agency. Just because you see those prices listed does not mean they’re set in stone. Talk to the owner or the agency to negotiate a lower rental rate. Be prepared to let the owner know how much you’re willing to pay, but also be ready to walk away or accept the listed rental price if the owner is unwilling to negotiate.

Be Flexible

Whether you’re seeking a lovely summer beachfront rental home or a vacation cottage for a holiday adventure, be flexible about your vacation dates, and you’ll find great deals. Mid-June through the end of August are busy times at Sunset Beach, and vacation rentals tend to be most expensive during these months. Check out options like renting a home on the beach during the warm spring or early fall seasons to save big bucks on prime rental properties while avoiding the summer crowds.

Change Your Expectations

Although you may want that perfect Sunset Beach, NC, vacation rental right on the beach, it is possible to save cash and find great deals by picking a rental off the beaten path. The lack of a perfect oceanfront view or being located in town rather than on the beach itself makes these types of Sunset Beach rentals a little less expensive than those directly on the beach. If you’re not completely set on having a view of the ocean waves, off-beach rentals offer plenty of perks at a lower price.

Book Early or Book Late

Booking early means getting access to the best Sunset Beach, NC, vacation rentals before anyone else. Although you might pay top dollar for your favorite beach home or cottage, you’re guaranteed to have the most choices when it comes to vacation rentals. Book late to save cash. Sunset Beach rentals that haven’t filled for the busy season often see a drop in price as owners struggle to ensure that their rentals are booked. Wait until about 30 days prior to your vacation date to find these empty homes with lower rates.

Know Your Needs

Want a giant private swimming pool or access to Sunset Beach from the front porch? Know your needs and don’t pay for the amenities that you don’t want when you book your Sunset Beach vacation rentals. Pick a vacation rental without a pool or off of the beachfront to save big bucks on your Sunset Beach, NC, vacation.