Salt Lake City is situated at the base of Wasatch Range in the north-central part of Utah. The stunning landscape has mountainous ski terrain blended with farmland. Planning on traveling with the whole family? Be sure to check out this family activity guide before you take your trip for some awesome ideas for you and the whole family. If you’re wondering what to do in Salt Lake City, check out these trip planner ideas.

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is shallow and covers hundreds of square miles. Because of the high salt content, it’s a great place to float lazily in the water. Many visitors add the floating experience to their list of things to do in Salt Lake City because it is so unique. You can also launch a kayak or canoe to paddle in the lake. The lake is also the perfect location for a picnic. Pack up your lunch and head out to sit down by the water. People also enjoy fishing here, too.

Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island State Park is a natural wonderland ready to be explored. Hike or bike nature trails, walk along the sandy beaches. Go birdwatching and see all the beautiful animals that call the lake home. Check out the historic Fielding Garr Ranch. Take a guided tour of the beautiful ranch, and learn about the history of this amazing place. Free-range bison are a sight to see in the park.

The Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

The Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve has majestic mountains as its backdrop. It’s home to migratory birds like bald eagles, California gulls, and American white pelicans. Ducks and geese can also be seen as you walk along the boardwalk. If you’d like to explore on your own, download the audio tour prior to seeing the preserve. Aside from all the amazing animals, you’ll also see a lot of beautiful plants on your trip. The preserve is home to many different ecosystems and habitats. This makes the wildlife there all the more interesting.

The Spiral Jetty

Robert Smithson created a land art installation project in 1970. The project rests in the Great Salt Lake and consists of salt-encrusted rocks that form a spiral pattern. This is definitely worthy of a photo. If the lake water isn’t too high, you can see it from the water. It’s always visible from the sky. This site is definitely a must-see for you on your trip, but come prepared. There are no traces of civilization in this area. That means you need to bring water, food, appropriate gear, and of course enough gas for the return trip. No onsite amenities are present.

Willard Bay State Park

Willard Bay State Park is a wildlife haven. Marinas provide access for boating and skiing on the lake, and you can also swim or fish while you’re there. If it’s wintertime, you might see eagles nesting. The park also offers some of the best camping in the area. Why not rough it for a night or two on your trip? Be sure to check the availability of the campgrounds before your trip.

Ski Territory

Skiing and snowboarding are huge in Salt Lake City, which has amazing powdery slopes at more than 11,000 feet in elevation. The 2002 Winter Olympic Games were hosted in Salt Lake City, which solidified its place as one of the world’s great winter wonderlands. Powder Mountain is one of the most famous slopes in the area. Looking for more information on the skiing that’s offered in the region? Check out this complete guide to learn about all the great slopes for you to enjoy during your trip.

Cultural Attractions

Salt Lake City is packed with a wide variety of cultural attractions. Visitors will find museums, a planetarium, a zoo, and a thriving music scene. Looking for history, science, and culture all rolled into one cool spot? Check out the Natural History Museum of Utah and explore all three under one roof. Peak seasons are often met with limited capacity at the museum. Don’t miss out. Make sure to book your tickets in advance. Looking for some art on your trip? Head over to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.


The local nightlife is lively, with bars, clubs, and breweries all available. There are actually more than 200 bars in the city, so it would take a lot of vacations to try them all. Looking for a place to dance? Check out The Exchange SLC for a great atmosphere and awesome cocktails. Take in a comedy show at Wiseguys Live Comedy and laugh over a few drinks.


Salt Lake City has more than 2,000 restaurants, so you’ll have your pick. After a day of skiing or sightseeing, you’re likely to have a big appetite. Diverse menus, budget-friendly options, and upscale restaurants give you lots to choose from. Looking for a classic steakhouse with a ton of great seafood to boot? Get dinner reservations at Spencer’s Steaks & Chops for a truly memorable meal.

Monuments and Buildings

Set out for a little sightseeing and you’ll find some impressive monuments and buildings. The Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake Temple, and Seagull Monument are all popular landmarks. If you decide to check out The Tabernacle, try and catch The Tabernacle Choir, performing live every Sunday morning at Temple Square. In addition, the Utah State Capitol Building is a must-see.

SLC Awaits!

Whether you’re searching for outdoor exploration, history and museums, or some delicious food in a fabulous restaurant, SLC has you covered. Looking for more ideas on fun things to do in this beautiful city? Consider some of the ideas mentioned in this guide before taking your trip. Ready to start planning your trip? Head over to VacationRenter and get started by finding the perfect rental for your getaway!