Chilly winter days in Denver give the need to take a little vacation outside of the city. The best weekend getaways begin with finding the perfect cabins in Keystone Colorado. Check out these 7 tips for having a great ski weekend.

Do Your Homework on Keystone Vacation Rentals

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Although the Keystone area is a mecca for those who love the snow, getting a great ski cabin in Keystone, Colorado might require putting in a little effort. Make a list of the amenities that you can’t live without and get an idea of your budget. From ultra-modern resorts to bare minimum cabins, Keystone offers a large variety of accommodations designed to suit your needs. Prepare to pay a little extra if you are looking for a private rental with a hot tub or sauna to warm you up after a day on the slopes.

Check Out the Weather in the Mountains

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Weekend getaways from Denver to Keystone mean that you’ll spend almost two hours driving between the areas, sometimes more if it is a crowded weekend.  Make sure you check the weather and road conditions before you make the trip, as the steep climb up 1-70 can be dangerous if you’re not prepared.  Peak skiing season is generally mid-January to March, so during those busy months it may be tougher to find a ski cabin that isn’t booked. Make your reservations early and be prepared to work around rough weather if necessary. Read more of our tips on Colorado Ski Planning.

Dress the Part

One mistake many people make when they go on a ski trip, is not wearing the proper gear to keep you warm while out on the slopes. This could have you coming in frequently to warm up, or even ending your day earlier than planned! This can all be avoided by ensuring you have warm boots, extra dry socks, high quality snow pants, a warm jacket, and a couple pairs of gloves. Don’t forget a thin hat that can fit under your ski or snowboard helmet! If you forgot to bring any of these essential items, don’t fret! Just head over to Keystone Sports for all your gear or rental needs. The knowledgeable staff will help you select the right gear to you keep you comfortable on the mountain all day long.

Choose an Area for you and the family in Keystone

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Your weekend getaway is easier to manage if you know where you’re heading. There are a variety of areas and villages near Keystone, Colorado, making each visit a separate experience. Pick out River Run Village for kid-friendly vacation options, including shops, restaurants, mini golf and play areas. Head to Keystone’s Lakeside Village for off-season activities like paddle boats and kayak adventures on Keystone Pond. In the winter months, this area becomes the largest outdoor skating rink in North America, making it a blast for anyone who loves the ice.

Another great family activity is to go tubing at Adventure Point, a tubing hill at the top of Keystone mountain. It provides an alternative to skiing that still lets everyone have fun in the snow. You and the kids will even get to take the gondola up to the top, just like all the skiers.

Opt for Luxury


With all-inclusive deals that include ski rental, trip tickets, and even shuttle service to ski destinations, choosing a rental directly from Keystone resorts is another great choice for visitors. Keystone resorts offer a variety of housing styles, including rustic cabins, condos with views of the mountains and townhouses that offer plenty of space for large groups or families. These resort rentals are open throughout the year, and offer hiking, camping, and mountain biking excursions in the summer.

Since you’re staying right at the mountain, you. might as well take advantage of their fine dining options. The Tenderfoot Lounge offers a modest, but luxurious menu, including items such as the Wild Game Burger, and Colorado caught Bass.

Enjoy the Continental Divide Views

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Even if skiing isn’t your thing, the views you have access to can still make every moment magical. From Loveland Pass to the Snake River, the areas surrounding Keystone are known for their picturesque views of the mountains. Take a little drive around the town and find some great vantage points to get those epic views of the landscape.  You can even rent some snowshoes and explore Keystone’s Nordic Center. They have over 17 miles of trails to wander, where you’ll be treated to some truly incredibly scenery. Make sure to take plenty of pictures so you can remember this getaway for years to come!

Pamper Yourself at the Keystone Spa

There’s no better way to relax after a day at the slope than a few hours than treating yourself to a little spa time. First off, climb right into the hot tub to thaw that chill in your bones. Then stretch those cramping muscles by taking a few laps in the heated pool. Finish up by drying yourself off with a nice session in the Swedish sauna.

Included with a Keystone Spa pass, is the gym, which is open 24/7.  It’s fully equipped with a variety of work out machines and weights to lift. You’ll have no problem keeping up with your standard workout routine while you’re away on vacation.

Get Out on Those Slopes

Having fun on a ski vacation isn’t the least bit difficult. Between the slopes themselves, the wonderful dining options, and all the other great activities, we are certain you’ll have no trouble staying busy all day and evening long. After reading this guide, you should be fully prepared for a great ski weekend in Keystone, Colorado.