Redondo Beach makes an excellent choice for finding vacation accommodations in Los Angeles. This beach city offers plenty of opportunities to have fun in the sun, and it’s also a convenient distance from the airport. If you want to visit downtown L.A., Santa Monica, Long Beach or the theme parks scattered around the county, the highway connections are excellent. Because Redondo Beach is a smaller community, you’ll be able to get plenty of peace and quiet after hectic days of sightseeing, surfing or riding roller coasters, making it a good option for a family vacation. Although this city is cozy, you can find plenty of Redondo Beach vacation rentals, and there are a few different areas to choose from.

Redondo Beach Waterfront

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The heart of Redondo Beach is located right on the waterfront. This area includes plenty of coastal sights, so you can fit some down time in between your busy sightseeing schedule. The pier is one of the top attractions in this area. This is a great place to stroll in the mornings and evenings, and if you’re a fishing enthusiast, it’s the place to be. The pier also offers plenty of shopping, restaurants and family-friendly events.


Just a hop, skip and a jump over from the pier, you’ll find King Harbor, which offers everything from whale watching tours to paddleboarding. Because the area is very walkable, you can park your car and enjoy some fresh air while you’re in town.

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Of course, the beach next to the pier is the main attraction in Redondo Beach. If you opt for a vacation home in the Waterfront area, you can easily walk there to catch some waves or soak up the sun. As this part of the coast gets plenty of waves, you can also try out surfing.

South Redondo and Riviera Village

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South Redondo is a convenient distance from the beach, so it’s an ideal choice for a Redondo Beach vacation rental if you want to soak up some sun. Riviera Village is part of this neighborhood; Riviera is the city’s main shopping area, and it includes boutiques, galleries and studios where you can find local art and goods. If you want to dine close to home, you’ll find plenty of excellent options in this area.

North Redondo


North Redondo is not situated along the beach, but as it’s the closest neighborhood to the San Diego Parkway, you’ll find it easy to get around Los Angeles if you choose this option. In addition, it’s not far from Hermosa Beach, so you can still enjoy lots of summer fun in the sand. North Redondo is also home to a wide variety of spas and salons where you can rest and relax on your vacation.