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Where to stay in Nottingham

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Where Is Nottingham, UK?

A dynamic city in the East Midlands region of central England, with one foot in the past and one foot in the present, Nottingham lies an hour north of Birmingham and an hour south of Sheffield. It is the second largest urban area in the Midlands. Getting around the city is easy with paid bike share or the Robin Hood Day Ticket, which gives you unlimited bus and tram rides all around.

What Is Nottingham, UK Known For?

Made famous in popular culture for its long association with the legend of Robin Hood, there is a statue in his honor in the former moat of the hilltop Nottingham Castle. Nottingham was recently named a UNESCO City of Literature, along with a small handful of other international cities. Once the world capital of the lace industry and a major player in the tobacco industry, Nottingham has also been the headquarters of Raleigh Bicycles since 1885. In recent years, Nottingham has been well-known for its music, arts, and food scene — strongly influenced by the area’s three universities.

A Quick Guide to Nottingham, UK

  • City of Caves: Nottingham is built on sandstone bedrock and is often referred to as “the City of Caves” due to the labyrinth of 800+ manmade caves and tunnels under the city that you can actually see for yourself. The underground City of Caves was sculpted over centuries. Guided tours last just under an hour, taking you through a handful of caves that have previously been used as an air raid shelter, a medieval tannery, a Victorian pub cellar, and even private residences. Broadmarsh Shopping Centre was built directly on top at street level in the 1970’s.
  • Nottingham Castle: Originally founded by William the Conqueror in 1068 and built high on a sandstone mount called Castle Rock, Nottingham Castle fell during the English Civil War and was subsequently rebuilt in the 17th century — only to be burnt by rioters and rebuilt again. Little remains of the original structure, though the newest structure was built in the late 19th century and is currently the Nottingham Castle Museum. Many underground tunnels and caves have been restored, including Mortimer’s Hole which leads to The Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard; a collection of five 17th century cottages exhibiting that era’s daily life.
  • Nottingham Contemporary: A contemporary art center built on the site of an ancient Saxon fort, Nottingham Contemporary organizes four to five major exhibitions annually and is one of the largest contemporary art museums in Great Britain. The exterior is embossed in a traditional Nottingham-style lace pattern as a modern nod to its heritage and location in the Lace Market.

Popular Destinations Near Nottingham, UK

  • Wollaton Hall: Built in the 1580’s on nearly 500 acres and two and a half miles from the city center, this opulent Elizabethan mansion had a starring role as Batman’s Wayne Manor in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. The grounds comprise a swan-filled lake, a deer park with over 200 deer, formal gardens, walking trails, two cafes, two shops, and The Camellia House — the oldest cast-iron framed botanical glasshouse in Europe and the last of its kind in England. Since opening to the public in 1926, the hall has also been home to Nottingham Natural History Museum, with over 750,000 objects and artifacts.
  • Sherwood Forest County Park: Sherwood Forest County Park, Robin Hood’s 450-acre playground, is 17 miles north of Nottingham and was used as hunting grounds for the nobility in the 10th century prior to Robin and his Merry Men hiding out behind Major Oak. Walk, bike, or visit for a seasonal event such as the seven-day Robin Hood Festival in August.

Best Neighborhoods in Nottingham, UK

  • Old Market Square: Old Market Square is a central pedestrian square complete with multiple water features, flower beds, a Ferris wheel, shops, and restaurants. If you’re traveling with a group, the Old Market Square serves as an ideal meeting point since many streets lead off the edges. Nottingham Council House dominates the east side of the square and the Exchange Arcade shopping center is on its lower levels. The large size of the square lends itself to events, exhibitions, and concerts.
  • Lace Market: The center of the lace industry during the British Empire, the Lace Market — only a quarter square mile — is now a protected heritage area lined with Victorian red brick buildings and iron railings, towering at four to seven stories tall. These buildings previously functioned as factories, warehouses, and shops. The National Justice Museum housed in the former court and prison building of Shire Hall on High Pavement maintains crime and punishment related exhibitions including two courtrooms, an underground jail, and medieval executions. A court has also stood on this site since 1375.
  • Hockley: The neighborhood of Hockley — sometimes referred to as “Nottingham’s Soho” — is adjacent to the Lace Market, not far from Old Market Square. The bohemian area is vibrant and modern behind preserved Victorian facades; home to many charming shops, bars, galleries, cafes, and street art. Both the Lace Market and Hockley lie within the Creative Quarter, which also includes Sneinton Market Avenues.

Home-types in Nottingham

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Points of interests in Nottingham

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