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Where to stay in Sarajevo

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Where Is Sarajevo?

The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo lies in a river valley among three mountains, along the border of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska — the two autonomous halves that make up Bosnia and Herzegovina, the unified country. Sarajevo International Airport is on the western edge of the city. The city is compact and spreads out linearly east-west with most of the development in the southern half of the city, but the land borders extend further north. Sarajevo’s downtown and immediately outlying neighborhoods are easily traversed by foot or local tram.

What Is Sarajevo Known For?

Sarajevo is known for its history, having played a starring role in both recent and earlier events. In ancient times, Sarajevo divided the Western and Eastern Roman Empires. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated near the Latin Bridge, triggering World War I. The city was also the host of the 1984 Winter Olympics. Most recently, Sarajevo was besieged and badly damaged by the Yugoslav Wars of 1992 to 1995, but has recovered and rebuilt. Sarajevo Roses are mortar scars on the ground that have been filled with red resin and are found scattered throughout the city in artful memorial. Influenced by its geographical location, Sarajevo is often known as where East meets West, as many parts of the city look distinctly Western-European, whereas others have a noticeable Eastern and Ottoman presence. The city is dotted with Muslim mosques, Roman Catholic churches, Orthodox churches, and the occasional Jewish synogogue, in additiont o the multitude of museums dedicated to history, war, and art. Sarajevo is known to be one of the safest cities in Southeastern Europe in regards to street crime, but has high rates of traffic incidents. Most visitors spend most of their time around Old Town, as that is where the main attractions, dining, nightlife, and accommodations are located.

A Quick Guide to Sarajevo

  • Clock Tower: A 100-foot tall 17th century Clock Tower in the middle of Old Town that, like much of the city, has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. It is thought to be the only remaining lunar clock on public display in the world. The hands stand at 12 o’clock in Arabic numerals every sunset, when a new day begins.
  • Galerija 11/7/95: Galerija 11/7/95 contains a shocking, yet compelling exhibition about the Srebrenica Massacre, one of the most important events of the Bosnian War, where 8372 Bosnian men were killed. The exhibit is presented in black and white images, video, and audio interviews.
  • Sarajevo Tunnel: Sarajevo Tunnel, also known as the “tunnel of hope,” is located near the airport. It was dug under the runway when the airport was captured by the Serbs and later run by the UN for humanitarian aid during the war. The secret tunnel was over 1,000 feet long and once transported arms, oil, electricity, and food into the city, in addition to providing an evacuation route. The museum was built over one entrance and the Sarajevo Tunnel tours include access to 60 feet of tunnel.
  • Baščaršija: A maze of cobblestoned alleys, stalls, and shops create the Ottoman-built market of Baščaršija, known as the centerpiece of the Old Town. It is the best place to find collections of cultural treasures and souvenirs. Additionally, the region is known for its carpets, copperware, and walnuts.
  • Dariva Canyon: The scenic pedestrian-only promenade of Dariva Canyon is lined with linden trees and is four miles long from Old Town to Goat’s Bridge. The canyon offers peaceful, natural views along the Miljacka River Valley.

Popular Destinations Near Sarajevo

  • Skakavac Waterfall: Technically within the city’s borders, Skakavac Waterfall is a few miles north of downtown and worth the trip for the lush, natural surroundings. The waterfall lies across a pleasant wooden bridge and is nearly 300 feet — the second longest in Europe.
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: The popular and charming resort town nicknamed “the pearl of the Adriatic,” Croatia’s Dubrovnik can be found four hours south of Sarajevo by car, or nine hours by train. The walled city is on the Adriatic Sea at the foothills of the Dinaric Alps and awash with traditional red-roofed buildings, ancient fortifications, cathedrals, and palaces.

Best Neighborhoods in Sarajevo

  • Stari Grad / Old Town: The heart of Sarajevo is the ancient, cobblestoned bazaar known as Stari Grad, hopping with history and activity. It is said that the city center is home to over 100 cafes, in addition to its many other sights. The center square of “Pigeon Square,” is crowned with an ornate water fountain gazebo, Sebilj. Important sights include Baščaršija Market, City Hall, the historical Clock Tower, the War Childhood Museum, and Svrzo's House, only two blocks north.
  • Vratnik: Formerly a fortified city, Vratnik was absorbed into the borders of Sarajevo and is now a residential neighborhood known for historical ruins and landmarks including Saburina House, Yellow Bastion, White Fortress, and the Museum of Alija Izetbegović.

Home-types in Sarajevo

Sarajevo has a variety of property types for you to consider when booking a trip. Here are the most popular property types in Sarajevo:
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