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Where to stay in Prague

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Where Is Prague Located?

Situated on the Vltava River and home to approximately 1.3 million people, the city of Prague is the capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic. Historically, the capital of Bohemia, Prague now stands proud as the 14th largest city in the European Union. The city is located in the center of the Bohemian Basin and approximately lies on the same latitude as Frankfurt, Germany; Paris, France; and Vancouver, Canada.

What Is Prague Known For?

In a town where a World Heritage medieval city center takes center stage, surrounded by a maze of cobbled lanes, bridges tangled with ribbons of iron and steel, ornate cathedrals, and magnificent royal palaces — millions upon millions flock every year to visit the city of Prague. A city that once was the seat of Bohemian kings and Roman Emperors, the city of Prague retains its historical heritage, whilst still being a hub of commerce, economy, culture, and politics. The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is home to numerous prestigious museums, theaters, historical exhibits, galleries, and is particularly notable for its contributions to beauty, art, and beer! Visit this “City of Hundred Spires” to be transported to a place that seems as if a scene from a fairytale book came to life.

Popular Attractions in Prague

  • Prague Castle: Built in the 9th century and retaining its original purpose, this castle complex reigns over the city. Once the seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors and presidents of Czechoslovakia, Prague Castle is now the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. Attracting almost two million visitors per year, tourists and locals alike flock to walk the corridors of the ancient castle and marvel at the artifacts showcased in the numerous museums and galleries onsite, including the National Gallery, Toy Museum and Picture Gallery of Prague Castle. Prague Castle is also a notable example of architectural genius, as the details of the castle are representative of almost every architectural style that has been created in the last millennium, including Gothic, Romanesque, Basque and Neo-Classical. A treat for the eyes, Prague Castle is an absolute must-see in Prague.
  • Old Town Square: A World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit, the Old Town Square is a congregation of several buildings of national importance, once crafted with sublime beauty and extravagant detail in mind. With featured buildings including the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, the St. Nicholas Church, and Prague Orloj, the Old Town Square celebrates beauty, history, and variation. Whether you visit the Czech National Gallery, the Marian Column, the Old Town Hall, or simply amble around soaking in the beauty and majesty of the square, a visit to the Old Town Square is an absolute must on your Prague itinerary.
  • Charles Bridge: Touted as one of the most famous bridges in the world, Charles Bridge looks like something from a photo a Parisian painter might try to sell on the banks of the Seine. Set against a backdrop of vibrant historical buildings and overlooking the Vltava River, Charles Bridge is one of the most famous icons of Prague. Indisputably connected to the most glamorous era of Prague, Charles bridge is awash with Czech artists, musicians, souvenir vendors, and tourists who stand on both sides of this pedestrian bridge year-round. For the best experience of the bridge, arrive in the evening or early morning to marvel at the rare sight of peaceful silence and a breathtaking view of the fully lit Prague Castle, set against the backdrop of the evening or early morning sky.

Popular Destinations Near Prague

  • Karlstejn: A small market town home to one of Europe’s most famous and visited medieval castles, Karlstejn is an amalgamation of beauty, nature, and history. Seated deep within a densely forested area, the castle towers over the town, aplenty with quaint indie shops in addition to tourist-catered restaurants and cafes. For an even better experience, explore the surrounding countryside, which is largely ignored by tourists, and have a taste of the authentic Czech country experience. Follow the path of marked hiking trails, abandoned limestone quarries and steep hills, and treat yourself to a visual spectacle of panoramic views over the region.
  • Terezin: A must-see for any history buff, the town of Terezin is a unique experience for any visitor to Prague. In a country that is aplomb with sublime beauty and fascinating history, Terezin pays a respectful tribute to the country’s sobering and tragic past. Now a peaceful small town that caters well to tourists and is plentiful with charming shops and cafes, Terezin was once built to be a fort and garrison town and was later used as a prison. However, Terezin is most famous today for being the site of the notorious Theresienstadt concentration camp, an extermination camp where thousands of Jews were slaughtered during World War II. Today, the main framework of the concentration camp still stands as a memorial, where visitors can pay their respects to the victims of one of the darkest periods in history.

Best Neighborhoods in Prague

  • Staré Město: The heart of the medieval area of Prague, Staré Město’s is translated as “Old Town.” A bustling and buzzing area, Staré Město is a historical love letter to Prague. With the combination of several diverse architectural styles and populated by some of the most iconic sights to be found in the city, Staré Město is arguably the most important neighborhood to visit if you want a true taste of Prague.
  • Nové Město: Standing as the very aptly translated “New Town,” Nové Město frames the Staré Město to serve as an expansion on the city’s past. Standing within the epicenter of Wenceslas Square, Nové Město is a cluster of later built 19th and 20th century buildings, fascinating museums, and galleries, magnificent architecture and the main shopping district of the city center.

Home-types in Prague

Prague has a variety of property types for you to consider when booking a trip. Here are the most popular property types in Prague:

Points of interests in Prague

Prague has several popular points of interest for you to check out when visiting the area. Here are the most popular points of interest in Prague: