Airport Gateway Motor Lodge

Airport Gateway Motor Lodge hotel in Christchurch
Airport Gateway Motor Lodge hotel in Christchurch
Airport Gateway Motor Lodge hotel in Christchurch
Airport Gateway Motor Lodge hotel in Christchurch
Airport Gateway Motor Lodge hotel in Christchurch

Airport Gateway Motor Lodge

About this hotel

Situated in Christchurch, this lovely room in hotel for $71 per night is a great choice for your next vacation. Airport Gateway Motor Lodge is the closest motel to Christchurch International Airport, providing self-contained accommodation.


Air conditioner
Pets allowed
Kitchen / Kitchenette
Internet / Wifi
Smoking allowed
Balcony / Patio
Hot Tub / Spa
Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly

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Excellent(2,682 Reviews)

Hotel in Christchurch

4-Star Hotel

Reasons to book

Great for pets
Includes essentialsGarden, Pets allowed, Kitchen / Kitchenette and more
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star 1 filled4.3 / 5 "Excellent" (2,682 Reviews)
100% verified reviews
Aug 2023
Was able to get the airport transfer in the morning. Super easy with a baby.
Aug 2023
Were it was
The first room we went into had any in it and the room they moved us to we had some one open are door with a key about 6 in the morning
10Excellent service picked up on time room was warm and it was after 1 pm lady was amazing
Aug 2023
Aug 2023
The friendly staff
9Whenever we arrive at Christchurch we stay at this place. We just like everything about it.
Aug 2023
Aug 2023
Airport shuttle was easy to use and staff were very friendly
nothing - was fine
9Would stay again.
Aug 2023
Very nice, and quick friendly service. Easy to get to.
Nothing I can think of.
Jul 2023
Warm and comfortable. Lovely friendly staff. Great place to stay. Highly recommend.


How much does this hotel cost compared to others in Christchurch?

The average price for a rental in Christchurch is $92 per night. This rental is $21 less expensive than the average.

Is parking included with this hotel?

Yes, parking is listed as an amenity at Airport Gateway Motor Lodge. For more information, we encourage you to contact the property about where to park.

Is there a pool at this hotel?

We didn’t find pool listed as an amenity for this hotel. It may be worth double checking if a pool is important for your stay.

Is Airport Gateway Motor Lodge pet friendly?

Yes! This hotel is pet-friendly. For more information, we recommend contacting the booking provider about animal policies.

What amenities are available at Airport Gateway Motor Lodge?

We found 13 amenities for this rental. This includes air conditioner, pets allowed, kitchen / kitchenette, internet / wifi, and smoking allowed.

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