Golden Bay Belize Hotel

Golden Bay Belize Hotel hotel in Belize City
Golden Bay Belize Hotel hotel in Belize City
Golden Bay Belize Hotel hotel in Belize City
Golden Bay Belize Hotel hotel in Belize City
Golden Bay Belize Hotel hotel in Belize City

Golden Bay Belize Hotel

About this hotel

Nestled in Belize City, this lovely room in hotel for $88 per night is a great choice for your next trip. Golden Bay Belize Hotel is located in Belize City. The property features a bar, as well as a restaurant serving international cuisine. The accommodation provides a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service and free WiFi.


Air conditioner
Pets allowed
Kitchen / Kitchenette
Internet / Wifi
Balcony / Patio
Hot Tub / Spa
Beachfront / Waterfront
Gym / Fitness Center
Ski in / Ski out
Family friendly

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star 1 filled4.4 / 5 "Excellent" (598 Reviews)
100% verified reviews
10Awesome place to relax and enjoy the view.
Sep 2023
Wonderful place, with an amazing view. The staff is very friendly, they all make you feel welcome. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy piece and tranquility. We loved it!
Just the fact that they don’t have a pool. It would make it even better
7Good overall
Sep 2023
Location Views Cleanliness
No hot water in room
7Very pleasant
Jul 2023
A very comfy bed and helpful smiling staff
No daily service in the room. Our beds were not made, bathroom not spruced, coffee cups not cleaned/replaced
7Bery good location with good restaurant on the roof. Very clean, friendly staff.
Jul 2023
Great location, elevator for those that cannot manage stairs, clean room, interesting furniture, very nice staff
Paint fumes in the hall that week while painting.
8Very good
Jul 2023
The staff was exceptionally helpful.
The smell of the cleaners in the hallway was very strong.
8The hotel and staff were very good. The only downside was their use of toxic cleaning products. I would appreciate a mor
May 2023
The location and views were wonderful.
They used toxic cleaners.
Apr 2023
the view from the room was amazing, the beds were comfortable
the air conditioning didn’t really work, the shower wasn’t the best.
Apr 2023
My room was stunning, the meals were delicious, the staff were friendly and helpful!


How much does this hotel cost compared to others in Belize City?

The average price for a rental in Belize City is $92 per night. This rental is $4 less expensive than the average.

Is parking included with this hotel?

Yes, parking is listed as an amenity at Golden Bay Belize Hotel. For more information, we encourage you to contact the property about where to park.

Is there a pool at this hotel?

Yes, a swimming pool is available for use at Golden Bay Belize Hotel. Enjoy the water!

Is Golden Bay Belize Hotel pet friendly?

Yes! This hotel is pet-friendly. For more information, we recommend contacting the booking provider about animal policies.

What amenities are available at Golden Bay Belize Hotel?

We found 14 amenities for this rental. This includes pool, air conditioner, pets allowed, kitchen / kitchenette, and internet / wifi.

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