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Living room
Living room
Living room

Hotel in Cape Town

property type iconHOTEL
guest icon1 guest
bedroom icon1 bedroom
bathroom icon1 bathroom
Pets allowed
Kitchen / Kitchenette
About this hotel
Located in Cape Town, this lovely room in hotel for $68 per night is a fantastic choice for your next break. Whether you need a vacation, need to travel for work or family, this one bedroom hotel flatlet is perfect for a 5 day to 1 month stay. Adjacent to St Georges Mall, access to the communal pool and in the middle of the City's business center, you will have access to all shops and quick access to surrounding areas. This particular unit is trendy and comforting in it's modern relaxed design has plenty of seating room, a small dining area, fully equipped kitchen, a large bed in the bedroom and many built-in cupboards. It has gorgeous views of the fountain, city center and part of Devil's Peak. The hotel has a 24 hour front desk service, restaurant, cocktail lounge, two pools and one is heated, elevator access and more.
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Pets allowed
Kitchen / Kitchenette

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How much does this hotel cost compared to others in Cape Town?

The average price for a rental in Cape Town is $80 per night. This rental is $12 less expensive than the average.

Is parking included with this hotel?

Yes, parking is listed as an amenity at Trendy Hotel Living. For more information, we encourage you to contact the property about where to park.

Is there a pool at this hotel?

We didn’t find pool listed as an amenity for this hotel. It may be worth double checking if a pool is important for your stay.

Is Trendy Hotel Living pet friendly?

Yes! This hotel is pet-friendly. For more information, we recommend contacting the booking provider about animal policies.

What amenities are available at Trendy Hotel Living?

We found 4 amenities for this rental. This includes pets allowed, kitchen / kitchenette, parking, and laundry.

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