Basecamp Tahoe South

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4.1"Excellent"(651 Reviews)
Basecamp Tahoe South hotel in Stateline
Basecamp Tahoe South hotel in Stateline
Basecamp Tahoe South hotel in Stateline
Basecamp Tahoe South hotel in Stateline
Basecamp Tahoe South hotel in Stateline

Hotel in Stateline, NV

property type iconHOTEL
Air Conditioner
Kitchen / Kitchenette
Internet / Wifi
About this hotel
Located in Stateline, this charming room in hotel for $107 per night is a fantastic choice for your next trip. Featuring a rooftop hot tub, Basecamp Tahoe South is 5 minutes’ walk to Heavenly Mountain ski area and the Lake Tahoe shore. Free WiFi is available in all rooms.
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Air Conditioner
Kitchen / Kitchenette
Internet / Wifi
Balcony / Patio
Hot Tub / Spa
Wheelchair Accessible
Family Friendly

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star 1 filled4.1 / 5 (651 Reviews)
9Perfect boutique hotel with a lot of amenities!
Mar 2022
You can’t beat the location! The decor, cleanliness, and offerings are fantastic. Nightly live music, a beer garden, and a cute little coffee/breakfast shop inside the lobby just add to the experience. Basecamp is our go to South Lake stay!
There are a few spots that can be picked up, upstairs patios were a little dirty and un kept. There were also a few areas in the covered parking spots that had random furniture and broken items.
9Love Basecamp and will be back again in Sept!
Jul 2022
We love the location and the vibe. Bed is super comfy. Decor is cute. AC works great. Ice easy to access. We didn't have one this time, but love the balcony rooms.
I had requested an early check in months in advance but due to a concert and everyone wanting early check in, I didn't receive it. I understand, but was disappointed they couldn't just make it happen on first request first get. It stressed me out.
8It just is a mellow place to be! Has good camping feels- what we want from Tahie.
Dec 2021
the Vibe! The staff is great- firepits- live music.. and you can get a great beer!❤️
its a really small room.. but ok
8Very good
Oct 2021
The staff was awesome!!
One of the hot tubs didn't work and the other one wasn't very hot.
8This hotel is refreshingly quirky, simple, and rustic but incredibly homey.
Mar 2022
The staff cheerfully accommodated our request to check in early. The lobby is absolutely endearing with its homey, upbeat feel and its welcoming, convenient, homespun, healthy cafe. The lack of a commercial feel throughout was just fantastic. My boyfriend and I both adored the look of our room, especially the cozy fireplace. A minor detail but a huge thing for me: the hotel shampoo had a through-the-roof amazing fragrance! I also love how it and the conditioner were in dispenser bottles--I've never seen that anywhere else and not only is it more homey, it's more ecologically friendly. I'm still enjoying the lotion I took, home, too--it's so refreshing to find all-natural products in a hotel! The location was great--right at the edge of town so within walking distance of everything there but still allowing for a bit of a rustic, separated, calming feel. Also, I guess it's just because of COVID, but I love that staff doesn't empty trash or clean every day--I've always found that kind of stuff unnecessary, wasteful, and potentially a bit disruptive. I love feeling like I can just make the room my own and take responsibility for its basic neatness and cleanliness. For the long term, I would love a system where guests can just put a sign on the door whenever they DO want housekeeping to come in--and no taking out of trash unless it's actually full or smelly!
Until we took matters into our own hands, my boyfriend and I found it impossible to fall asleep at night in large part because the room's air was so dry (which causes more labored breathing and which can lead to bloody noses and colds). We finally solved the dry air problem by running the shower with the bathroom door open for about 10 minutes (but by that time insomnia had a firm grip on both of us). We both have become so used to sleeping with vaporizers or humidifiers in the winter that it was kind of a shock to us to feel how much of a difference it really makes! Also, we didn't realize till close to checkout time the next morning that we could have controlled the fireplace heat by the thermostat on the wall. From about the middle of the night on, we were both incredibly hot, but we just put up with it. Also, upon booking, I was expecting a response to the request I made to check in early, but my boyfriend and I did not find out till we arrived that it would be fine. Later on, I got a text from the hotel asking me to sign up for text communications from staff that made it sound like we might miss out on something important if we didn't, but it actually wasn't necessary at all. It felt kind of intrusive, commercial, and annoying. Also, I didn't study the literature enough until after the fact to realize that we could have checked out via text and just left our cards on the bed rather than going to the desk. I don't really see the advantage of this system, but if it's easier for staff, I would have been happy to oblige if I'd had some kind of reminder.
9Perfect location, great environment!
Jul 2021
The room was clean and comfortable. The common area was great! They have a brewery on site, great food, live music, fire pits, and much more. The location couldn’t have been better.
I wish the rooms had A/C, it was a little stuffy in the room because it was warm outside. A/C is not super common in Tahoe though so we were not expecting it.
Dec 2022
The location is good.
Having a C02 alarm go off The first and last night when we were in bed, and than wait for our last night until 7PM too offer us another room. so we packed up and left and they would not refund the last night. we had the door and window open for two hours and waited for a response. we were getting headaches from the bad heater.
10Cozy and comfortable.
Jul 2019
The beds and room were cozy! The balcony was nice! And the bar area and free breakfast were awesome!!!
The views from room.

How much does this hotel cost compared to others in Stateline?

The average price for a rental in Stateline is $493 per night. This rental is $386 less expensive than the average.

Is parking included with this hotel?

Yes, parking is listed as an amenity at Basecamp Tahoe South. For more information, we encourage you to contact the property about where to park.

Is there a pool at this hotel?

We didn’t find pool listed as an amenity for this hotel. It may be worth double checking if a pool is important for your stay.

Is Basecamp Tahoe South pet friendly?

Unfortunately, this hotel is not pet-friendly. Try searching again and filter for "Pets Allowed"

What amenities are available at Basecamp Tahoe South?

We found 11 amenities for this rental. This includes air conditioner, kitchen / kitchenette, internet / wifi, fireplace, and parking.

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