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Learn more about this $50 room in hotel in Tumwater. Located 1.5 miles from Tumwater Valley Golf Club, this Washington motel offers a year-round outdoor pool. All rooms include a flat-screen TV with extended cable. Capitol Mall is 4 miles away. Read more
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Won't do that again!
Jun 2021
We were in the middle of a freak heat wave, so the AC in the room was amazing! Parking lot is pretty big. Was able to get a room last minute. Read more
The very advertised year round outdoor pool was "closed for the season." When I went to check in at 2:55 I was told to come back at 3:30. When I asked why when your check in time is 3:00 I was very rudely told that 3:00 is shift change. Also, the beds were lumpy. Read more
Apr 2021
Washer and dryer available  Read more
Smelly  Read more
Could have been better
Jul 2021
Two of the staff members thats about it.. Read more
Some staff where not very customer service like Read more
Nov 2021
The staff were great and I loved my room. Read more
Nothing Read more
Nov 2021
The staff were great and I loved my room. Read more
Nothing Read more
The updated rooms were gorgeous and I enjoyed the peace and quiet there it was like a mini escape
May 2021
The staff was very kind and helpful Read more
I loved everything Read more
Awesome team players 😊
Jun 2021
The staff super young very professional and doling their hobs well and very positive and clean working hard 😊😊😊 Read more
Jun 2021
The staff so hard working respectful young adults !!!😊 Read more

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This rental is located in Tumwater, where you can explore Jim Brown Park, Mary Jane's House of Glass, Interpretive Park, Tumwater Hill Park, and more. If you're looking for more information and inspiration for your trip to Tumwater, check out our travel guides!
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