Jumeirah Blue

Jumeirah Blue house in Camps Bay
Jumeirah Blue house in Camps Bay
Jumeirah Blue house in Camps Bay
Jumeirah Blue house in Camps Bay
Jumeirah Blue house in Camps Bay

House in Camps Bay

property type iconHOUSE
guest icon2 guests
bedroom icon4 bedrooms
bathroom icon1 bathroom
Air conditioner
Kitchen / Kitchenette
About this house rental
Located in Camps Bay, this attractive entire house for $259 per night is a great choice for your next trip. Boasting an outdoor pool and mountain views, Jumeirah Blue is set in Cape Town. The air-conditioned accommodation is 300 metres from Beta Beach, and guests benefit from private parking available on site and free WiFi.
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Air conditioner
Kitchen / Kitchenette
Internet / Wifi
Balcony / Patio
Beachfront / Waterfront

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How much does this house cost compared to others in Camps Bay?

The average price for a rental in Camps Bay is $259 per night. This rental is $0 above the average.

Is parking included with this house?

Yes, parking is listed as an amenity at Jumeirah Blue. For more information, we encourage you to contact the property about where to park.

Is there a pool at this house?

Yes, a swimming pool is available for use at Jumeirah Blue. Enjoy the water!

Is Jumeirah Blue pet friendly?

Unfortunately, this house is not pet-friendly. Try searching again and filter for "Pets Allowed"

What amenities are available at Jumeirah Blue?

We found 10 amenities for this rental. This includes pool, air conditioner, kitchen / kitchenette, internet / wifi, and parking.

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