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Entire house

Spectacular Beachfront House

8 guests · 3 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms
Kitchen / Kitchenette
Internet / Wifi
Balcony / Patio
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4.7 / 5 (30 Reviews)
Dec 2018
Sunset Beach home
We really enjoyed our stay at this Sunset Beach house. It was just as advertised. Very cute and a comfortable place to stay. The kitchen living room space is fantastic and had everything we needed for cooking. The beach is out the back door and the house had lots of lawn chairs. We also enjoyed a long bike ride on the bike path and used the provided bikes. We did need to vacuum the couch when we arrived due to a lot of cracker crumbs but the rest of the home was clean. The only thing I would suggest (I own a vacation rental, so I know that sometimes a few small upgrades make a big difference) is new sheets and new or at least more pillows. The pullout couch sheets struggled to stay on and we did not have enough pillows for all 8 sleepers. Most people liked having 2 pillows due to the size and age of the pillows. Other than that it was a great experience. Thank you! Read more
Dec 2020
Peace by the Water
We really enjoyed our stay at this property! The peace of just being right next to the water was wonderful! We wish we would have stayed more days so that we could have enjoyed it more!! The house was just beautiful! Everything was so nice and clean! Thank you so much for a wonderful stay! Read more
Dec 2018
Spring Break at the Beach
We had a great time in an outstanding property! We were taking our grand children (8 & 11) and parents to do the S. Cal experience and we wanted to be on the beach.<br/>The property was was accurately described and the pictures on the site sold the experience for everyone. We arrived to a clean and well maintained home with a lot of amenities to enjoy the beach and the home for the week.<br/>The local and 888 were responsive to our needs and provided great service and answers to a couple of questions.<br/>We did frequent the local restaurants including the Fish House; a great local pizza delivery; and a couple of spots in Newport Beach.<br/>We would definitely recommend the property to friends. We returned to TX today and I asked my wife if there was anything she wanted me to put in the review..........She said it was perfect for our trip about the only thing they could add would be a set of steak knives! Read more
Dec 2020
We had a great experience at this rental. The location was perfect, the house was beautiful and well stocked with everything we needed! Read more
Dec 2018
Beach house birthday!
Walking in the door all was AWESOME! It wasn’t until we returned from grocery shopping and settled in, that we began to notice: the floors were filthy, espically under the living room rug & under tables and such. The first floor windows were so filthy there was really no view (we cleaned them ourselves). With the cost of cleaning being paid, you’d expect to not have these issues. The trash can slide out would not stay in and was quite a pain, seeing it’s in the path of the fridge door. The queen room bed squeaks so horribly you could not adjust your sleeping positions without being a neusance to yourself and the master bedroom. Many windows are missing screens, so letting the beautiful breeze in came with intruders of the insect nature. The neighbor on the entry door side of the house was so rude (not her daughter, she was very sweet), and nasty! No hi or hello when addressed with one and when the wind caught a frisbee and blew it into her yard she about lost her mind. Our children are made to respect landscaping and personal property as well as were instructed to be quiet due to the tight spaces, you’d think they were the complete opposite based on her reactions. <br/>PROS: linens and bathrooms very clean, wonderful location, cozy interior design, stocked well, use of garage was very convenient, close park and bike trails, as well as liquor store within walk/ride distance for spontaneous treat trips  Read more
Dec 2020
Beach House
This property was an excellent fit for my family. The house is comfortable and has every single thing you need. The view of the beach is amazing. The property managers are the best. I would definitely stay here again! Read more
Mar 2021
Beautiful Property
This is a very comfortable home with stunning views. It was family friendly, a calm beach, and a nice neighborhood. The home was clean and the patio space was very nice. We had a nice weekend get-away, thank you for sharing your home with us. We would love to stay again.  Read more
Dec 2020
Beach House Weekend Getaway
This is a charming home that sits on the beach. The views are incredible and the house is spacious and comfortable. I would definitely stay here again. Read more

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