Pet-Friendly Nissan High Top Campervan

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Situated in Portland, this attractive rv for $160 per night is a fantastic option for your next break. Meet Roamington! She’s all set to roll, offering simplistic luxury...a mini cabin on wheels. She’s easy to drive, stealthy so you can park anywhere, and offers a extra 3in memory form on the mattress for maximum comfort. An extra questions about Roamington? Reach out, we happy to answer anything and everything! -Equipped with all needed cookware, cups, bowls, wine glasses for relaxing nights, and French press coffee for early mornings -Full-Size bed, all bedding included with 3” foam topper -Wood-paneling and insulation throughout -Portable battery operated fan to keep you cool -Kitchen sink -Mini Fridge -Solar Power -Rear camera -Clothes line -And lots of storage space for extra gear Read more
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