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Entire apartment

Rustic & chic 3 bedroom home in popular West London with private garden (veeve)

6 guests · 3 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms
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6+ guests·$264 - $396·City of Westminster
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Kitchen / Kitchenette
Internet / Wifi
Flexible cancellation
City of Westminster
4.5 / 5 (2 Reviews)
Aug 2019
We loved this house! It was very clean and comfortable and really felt like home.
Quite good. The local London rental agency was quite responsive and easy to work with. Read more
Aug 2018
Very nice place in a great location.
I was looking for a place which would be comfortable with two kids. This was very nice and spacious enough. The small garden in the back was very charming. Holland Park was a 15 to 20 mins walk which was nice. Portobello market was a 10 minute walk. Every thing was near by. There was a suggestion list by the owners and we tried them all. The place is very tastefully done and has many many interesting books for adults and kids. The kids room is very charming with many fun toys and books. Enough cupboard space to keep your things. Kitchen has every thing in it so it was nice to cook meals. Just make sure you tell the owners to clean the fridge and backyard properly when you go, as the fridge had old food in it and the trash had been left in the backyard. Enjoy Read more
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