Turtle Bay Primrose 1 Bedroom Ground Floor Condo - Walk to Beach!

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2 guests · 1 bedroom · 2 bathrooms · RedAwning
Desirable 1 bedroom 2 bathroom ground floor unit. WIFI. A/C in bedroom, 2 TV's, DVD, screened-in lanai, tropically decorated. Blu-Ray player. Welcome to Kuilima Estates, the condo property located on the grounds of world-renowned Turtle Bay. The condos are surrounded by two beautifully manicured golf courses and are the only condos on the North Shore. This is a great place to relax, rewind, and restore, and a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The condo property is a short walk to the hotel and to a lovely, sheltered, coved beach, where you can swim, snorkel, and surf. We have our pools, with lounge chairs, an outdoor shower, and charcoal BBQ grills. Bring your own equipment and play tennis on our courts at no charge. Experience the comforts of home as you experience aloha! Since we are in a tropical environment, it is common to see insects and geckos in the condos. No amount of spraying will completely eliminate insects, especially ants.  TA-016722124801, GE-016722124801 Read more
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4.1 / 5 (26 Reviews)
Dec 2020
Wonderful, clean and beautiful place to stay
This unit was very clean and well stocked with all the things we needed for our vacation. Would definitely book with this unit again! Read more
Dec 2020
June at Turtle Bay
Excellent service by the resident manager, wonderful stay. Additional air conditioner in the living room would be nice, hand held shows heads would be a great improvement. Read more
Aug 2020
Empty subject
Dec 2018
A good general maintenance upkeep would go a long way to making this unit perfect. It showed its age.<br/> Read more
Dec 2018
nice Read more
Dec 2018
Nasty! But a little advanced prep will make it work!
This unit is usually one of the last ones to rent and with good reason The carpet is filthy and the roaches are a problem But if you come prepared you can make it work!<br/>Stop at Walmart by the airport and buy the following 5 items (1) 1 gallon of Clorox for each day are at the unit Roaches come up thru the drains Pour Clorox down all the drains (immediately upon arrival and every night) then plug the drain (the shower has no plug use duct tape) NEVER get in the shower before turning on the water. The second you turn on the water the roaches will run up your legs Have a shoe with you and turn on the water (BEFORE getting in the shower) and as the roaches come out of the drain smash them This is very traumatic for vegetarians! (2) Buy 10 cheap $3 bath towels These will be placed on the dirty carpet after you spray all the carpet with Ortho home defense max. (3) buy large garbage bags Keep suitcases off the ground and sealed in garbage bags so you don't bring your roach friends home with you!<br/>(4) 2 100 watt light bulbs The bedroom lamps have very low watt bulbs so you cant see the carpet or the roaches (5) Get roach traps, roach spray, and a perimeter spray like Ortho Home defense spray Spray this inside and outside the unit *** ALWAYS keep food sealed and in the frig *** If you cant tolerate the filth and roaches go immediately to the management office and tell them the place is uninhabitable and a heath risk and to relocate you! This unit is in a great area and has fantastic WiFi!! Read more
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