Mt. Shasta is a small city in Northern California surrounding the dormant volcano Mount Shasta. The city is situated between Redding and the Oregon border with a beautiful landscape that looks like a postcard come to life.

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  • Internet / Wifi
  • TV

About Mount Shasta

Within the city, you'll find shops and galleries to browse and restaurants with varied cuisines. If you prefer some outdoor recreation, there are many opportunities to get outdoors and see what Mother Nature offers in this natural paradise.
  • Mount Shasta: The snow-capped volcano reaches to 14,179 feet in elevation with adventure at every turn. Explore the rugged terrain hiking the backcountry or mountain climbing. In winter, visitors downhill ski and snowboard for fun.
  • Shasta Trinity National Forest: The forest serves as a backdrop to the area. Hike or bike the trails and you'll stumble upon wildflowers, waterfalls and rivers.
  • Lake Siskiyou: The lake is three miles from the city and includes more than 430 acres of water. Go boating or fishing for trout and bass.

How many rentals are available in Mount Shasta?

There are 94 vacation rentals available in Mount Shasta across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Mount Shasta?

Vacation rentals in Mount Shasta have a price range between $50-$2,871. The average price for rentals in Mount Shasta is $136 per night.

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