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Where to stay in Tokyo Prefecture

There are 11,689 vacation homes available in Tokyo Prefecture in Japan, and we’re confident you’ll find a property that meets your needs and your budget. Affordable short term rentals in Tokyo Prefecture start at a nightly rate of $39, with 20% of properties priced under $43 per night. Whether you’re on the hunt for a traditional Japanese house near Nakamise Shopping Street (Orange street), a short term rental close to Sensō-ji, or a place that also gives you close access to Hakuba — our goal is to help you find exactly what you need. Our website lists a wide selection of vacation homes from top travel sites like Vrbo, HomeAway,, and many more. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a solo trip to Tokyo Prefecture, planning a romantic Japan honeymoon, or going on a family vacation for 11, we can match you with a rental accommodation that sleeps everyone comfortably. Time to make that Tokyo Prefecture vacation you’ve been dreaming about a reality.

Where Is Tokyo Located?

Since 1868, Tokyo has ruled powerfully as the capital of Japan. A growing global powerhouse, Tokyo is often commonly regarded as a city, but officially known and governed as a “metropolitan prefecture.” Tokyo forms part of the Kantō region on the southeastern side of Japan’s main island, Honshu, which also includes the Isu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. The mainland portion of the city lies northwest of Tokyo Bay and surrounding regions include Chiba, Yamanashi, Kanagawa and Saitama.

What Is Tokyo Known For?

Commonly regarded as one of the world’s most important and powerful global cities, Tokyo is the epitome of an international powerhouse. A city comprised of a carefully blended, but complementary, marriage between the traditionally respectful and modern, Tokyo is a buzzing hub that efficiently caters to everyone. From corporate businesspeople to nomadic tourists, there is something for everyone when in Tokyo, as proven by the constant reiteration that the city is well known for providing the best overall experience. With opulent Buddhist temples, the imposing Imperial Palace, the technological thrill, the art world of anime, and the quirky street culture, Tokyo is a commercial and cultural hub, where everyone can find their perfect little corner under the Japanese sky.

A Quick Guide to Tokyo

  • Tokyo Skytree: Take a trip to the skies in Tokyo’s very own Skytree. See for yourself the stunning panoramic scenes over the city in the tallest tower in the world and second tallest structure, after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Standing at a grand 634 meters, this tower, weaved with silver and steel, provides two expansive observation decks allowing you to marvel at the stunning skyline of this city in all its glory. With the installation of glass panels in both decks and the connecting elevator between both, you are set up for experiencing vertiginous thrills and observing unparalleled views.

  • Sensō-ji: Soothe your soul when standing underneath the roof of Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple. Located in Asakusa, Sensō-ji is well known for being one of the most significant Buddhist temples in the world and the most widely visited spiritual site in the world, with over 30 million annual visitors. Visit Tokyo’s biggest souvenir market outside Kaminarimon Gate, where you can also spectate at one of the most eye-catchingly gaudy rendezvous points. However, pass through the gate and you will be greeted with the bright colors, stunning architectural detail, and aura of pure tranquility of this gorgeous religious site.

  • Imperial Palace: Walk along the corridors where generations of Japanese royalty have resided and ruled in both prosperous and perplexing times. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan, and with its stunning architectural details and grand layout, is perfectly fit for royalty. With its large and expansive park-like areas, multitude of buildings, and supposed property value of more than all the real estate in California, there are plenty of opportunities to observe the opulence and splendor of the residence of the Japanese royal family.

Popular Destinations Near Tokyo

  • Tokyo Disneyland: Visit the first Disneyland theme park outside the United States. Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland, located in Urayasu, provides the same amount of magic and wonder that has established the other Disney parks around the world as the true earthly heaven, for both adults and children alike. Spanning over 115 acres where extensive open spaces have been built to accommodate large crowds, Tokyo Disneyland presents seven themed areas and two mini-lands, to explore at your disposal. Akin to the manner of its Western counterparts, Tokyo Disneyland presents the classic Disneyland characters and features, with its own unique twist. Welcoming over 17.9 million visitors in 2018, Tokyo Disneyland is the world’s third-most visited theme park and the new addition to your Tokyo itinerary.

  • Kōtoku-in: Located in Kamakura, one can admire and marvel at the grand presentation of the monumental statue of Great Buddha, when standing within the grounds of this unique Buddhist temple. Originating from the 13th century, the towering bronze statue sits peacefully as one of the most famous icons in Japan. Within the temple’s history, the original building that used to house the statue was repeatedly damaged and ruined by numerous storms, and then finally washed away in the tsunami following the 1498 earthquake. Since then, Kōtoku-in has stood proud in the open air, as a uniquely presented temple. Imposing and elegant, Kōtoku-in is a distinctive and intimidating sight, but ultimately brings a welcome sentiment of peace and tranquility to those who visit it.

Best Neighborhoods in Tokyo

  • Harajuku: When conjuring a vision of Harajuku, one might think of brightly colored hair, wild cartoonish street culture, and the far-reaching influence of anime. However, despite its wild reputation, Harajuku is also well-known for being an international hub of fresh Japanese youth culture, quirky unique fashion, and full of diverse eateries and restaurants. With streets lined with independent boutiques and cafés, as well as large international chain stores with high-end luxury products, the neighborhood of Harajuku marries the modernity of the West with its own uniquely cool Japanese flavor.

  • Shimokitazawa: In 2014, Vogue Magazine dubbed Shimokitazawa as the coolest neighborhood in the world. Although it is tempting to argue that a mainstream magazine like Vogue cannot hold the deciding vote on what is and isn’t cool, there is no argument that Shimokitazawa doesn’t have its own unique, fresh flavor, making it easy to give the imposing title of “coolest neighborhood in the world.” In contrast to the fashion of Harajuku or the neon-soaked streets of Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa provides a laid-back, youthful, and bohemian vibe. Packed full of funky bars, restaurants, and indie stores, Shimokitazawa also proudly offers an eclectic bunch of diverse restaurants and a coffee scene that rivals Melbourne or Seattle. Whether you are looking for a thrift store or Thai eatery, you can definitely find it here in Shimokitazawa.

Home-types in Tokyo Prefecture

Tokyo Prefecture has a variety of property types for you to consider when booking a trip. Here are the most popular property types in Tokyo Prefecture:

Points of interests in Tokyo Prefecture

Tokyo Prefecture has several popular points of interest for you to check out when visiting the area. Here are the most popular points of interest in Tokyo Prefecture: