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Where to stay in Barrie

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Where Is Barrie, Ontario?

Lying within central Ontario, Canada, sitting on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay and the western branch of Lake Simcoe stands the city of Barrie. Geographically situated within Simcoe County, Barrie exists as a single tier, politically independent municipality. Positioned in the northern part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, the city of Barrie is located approximately 110 kilometers from downtown Toronto, signifying the city’s ease of access to several public services across the region and a geographically strategic location.

What Is Barrie, Ontario Known For?

Sitting on the west shore of Lake Simcoe and famously known for its several and vast range of ski resorts, Barrie is composed of champagne powder mountains, emerald green parks and sun-soaked beaches. Combining the most premier features of summer and winter, city and town, off the beaten track and centralized, Barrie provides everything you need in a Canadian getaway and more.

Places to Visit in Barrie

  • Sunnidale Park: The largest urban municipal park in Barrie, the park provides several activities to partake in, for every kind of nature lover. Home to a large arboretum and community gardens, the park does not only provide ample opportunities to walk, bike, picnic, or play, but also allows you to soak in the beauty of nature and have a peaceful respite away from the busy life of the city.
  • Kempenfelt Bay: One of the most distinguishing and attractive features of Barrie is the stunning waterfront. The calming and placid water evokes a feeling of peace and tranquility, wherever you spot it from. Barrie meets the stunning Lake Simcoe at the vast bay of Kempenfelt Bay, which has been shaping the shoreline of the city for centuries. One of the most popular attractions in the city, the bay attracts both locals and tourists alike. Go on a peaceful walk, dine al fresco by the lakefront, or partake in one or many options on their expansive menu of waterfront activities.
  • Centennial Beach: One of the many well-catered dive sites in the city, Centennial Beach not only possesses all the desirable features you could want in a dive site, but it is also rich in beauty and history. Whether you dive beneath the ocean and check out the sea life, soak in the rays or explore the site of the shipwreck of the J.C. Morrison, there is something exciting for water lovers, beach bums, and history buffs.

Popular Destinations Near Barrie

  • Ski Snow Valley: North or south, east or west, the surrounding area around Barrie is aplomb with numerous high-quality ski resorts. Ski Snow Valley is just one example. North of Barrie, Ski Snow Valley, located in Minesing, is reportedly one of the best ski resorts in the area. With ski lifts and snow tubing facilities, this ski resort is perfect for the most budding of beginners and the most exhausted of the experienced. Operating year round, Snow Valley not only offers their winter sport facilities during the summer, but also caters for weddings, corporate events and banquets.
  • Mount St. Louis Moonstone: Also located north of Barrie, is one of Snow Valley’s contenders, Mount St. Louis Moonstone. Despite being a fairly small hill, the Moonstone is extensively expanded and built upon, with over 13 ski lifts and 36 slopes. Family friendly and catering well to both the beginner and advanced skier, the Moonstone is absolutely perfect for both family and groups – the only thing you need is your enthusiasm and your skis!

Best Neighborhoods in Barrie

  • Allandale: One of Barrie’s oldest neighborhoods, Allandale occupies a special place in the heart of Barrie. Annexed in 1896, Allendale's authentic connection to 19th century history of the city, as well as close proximity to the amenities of downtown draws both locals and tourists to the area. With gorgeous and genuine historical architecture lining the streets of Allandale, you can step into the past of the city by embarking on the Heritage Walking Tour. The informative and educational tour allows you to take an explorative journey around the neighborhood’s most historic and intriguing features and tells you the stories of the people who lived in Barrie from bygone times.

Home-types in Barrie

Barrie has a variety of property types for you to consider when booking a trip. Here are the most popular property types in Barrie: