Choose from 138 vacation rentals located in Ciutadella de Menorca, Balearic Islands. Top filters in Ciutadella de Menorca include pool, air conditioner, and kitchen / kitchenette. Prices range from $39 to $1,435 per night. Our most popular vacation rental types near Ciutadella de Menorca are houses and hotels.

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Menorca Travel Overview

At the northern end of the Balearic Island Chain — home to the infamous locale of Ibiza — lies the relaxed resort destination of Menorca. As a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this vacation location is literally a nature lover's paradise island.

Where to Stay In Menorca

To experience what Menorca has to offer, we recommend you find rental accommodations in its capital: the vibrant city center of Mahon. But if you prefer a little more peace and quiet during your vacation, the island of Menorca has an abundance of coastal towns for you to choose from, like the dreamy Binibeca.

What to Do

From trendy boutique shops and eateries to live music concerts and watersports galore, Menorca has something for everyone — but especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. As a designated Biosphere Reserve, the island is littered with protected land and nature reserves, and with relatively low tourist traffic, much of the natural environment remains truly wild. Without a doubt, you'll want to check out the primitive stone structures like Torre d'en Galmes and Torre Trencada which date back thousands of years, but be sure to budget time to see the ancient capital city of Ciutadella before you leave the island of Menorca.

Where to Eat

This island resort destination is bursting with culinary delights which, of course, include the traditional Spanish dish of paella, along with a few local favorites. The most popular of the local dishes include a lobster stew called caldereta de llagosta (or menorquina) and it's a must-have meal at some point during your trip to Menorca. While there's no shortage of seafood restaurants on the island, our top dining recommendation is Sa Llagosta located in the village of Fornells.

Arts & Culture In Menorca

Menorca's long and rich history has resulted in a diverse collection of cultural attractions, including the Santa Maria Cathedral, the Museum of Menorca, and the old capital of Ciutadella.

What Is the Weather Like?

Located on a similar latitude to Madrid, Menorca experiences rain and cold weather in the winter months, in contrast to hot, beach-going weather in the summertime.

How many rentals are available in Ciutadella de Menorca?

There are 138 vacation rentals available in Ciutadella de Menorca across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Ciutadella de Menorca?

Vacation rentals in Ciutadella de Menorca have a price range between $39-$1,435. The average price for rentals in Ciutadella de Menorca is $78 per night.

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