Choose from 8,005 vacation rentals located in Isla de Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Top filters in Isla de Lanzarote include kitchen / kitchenette, laundry, and tv. Prices range from $39 to $11,375 per night. Our most popular vacation rental types near Isla de Lanzarote are apartments and villas.

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Let us help you plan your perfect Isla de Lanzarote vacation. Our travel guide highlights things to do, places to see, favorite vacation rental amenities in Isla de Lanzarote, and more.

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What is the price range for rentals in Isla de Lanzarote?

Vacation rentals in Isla de Lanzarote have a price range between $39-$11,375. The average price for rentals in Isla de Lanzarote is $110 per night.

How many rentals are available in Isla de Lanzarote?

There are 8,005 vacation rentals available in Isla de Lanzarote across several booking partners.

What's the weather like?

Isla de Lanzarote enjoys perfect beach-going weather year-round with long, hot summers and very mild winters, so feel free to visit this dream vacation destination at any time of the year.

Arts & culture in Isla de Lanzarote

Throughout history, the Isla de Lanzarote has been influenced by many great architects, sculptors, and painters who have helped to shape the island destination that we see today. One of the most influential was Cesar Manrique, and his legacy is still visible in Isla de Lanzarote's cultural attractions like the Casa del Volcán and Jameos del Agua, which are well worth a visit while you're in town.

Where to eat

The classic cuisine of the Canary Islands centers around grilled meats, fish, and vegetables, so you can expect to find local recipes of traditional dishes like papas arrugadas offered at the different restaurants around town. You can also look forward to enjoying fine wines with your delicious dishes because the Isla de Lanzarote is well-known for its excellent gastronomic experiences. For example, you can eat food cooked by natural, volcanic heat in the world's most unique restaurant, El Diablo, which is located in Timanfaya National Park.

What to do

When you visit an idyllic destination like Isla de Lanzarote, relaxing on the pristine beaches like Playa del Reducto, Playa Papagayo, and Playa de Famara should definitely be at the top of your priority list. That said, Isla de Lanzarote also has a number of cultural and historical sites which are worth experiencing, like Puente de las Bolas, Castillo de San Gabriel, and the 16th Century Parroquia de San Ginés church. Last but not least, consider catching a live soccer game — locally known as fútbol — with the home team, Unión Deportiva Lanzarote, while you're in town.

Where to stay in Isla de Lanzarote

One of the most popular areas to stay in on the Isla de Lanzarote is Playa Blanca, as it provides great access to the world-class beaches, historical sites, and excellent eateries that the island has to offer. However, you should know that the island is home to a variety of towns that each offer a slightly different cultural and overall experience, so you may prefer places with a more vibrant nightlife like Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise, or perhaps you'd enjoy a more relaxing location like Haria and Caleta de Famara.

Isla de Lanzarote travel overview

Due to its unique and volcanic landscapes, this exotic vacation destination has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. And with a location that's just off of the Northwest Coast of Africa, in the Canary Island Chain, the Isla de Lanzarote provides you with pristine beaches and perfect weather conditions year-round, so you can take that beach vacation whenever you please.

What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Isla de Lanzarote?

  • Kitchen / Kitchenette
  • Laundry
  • TV

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