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Top 10 Travel Trends for Winter 2022 to 2023

VacationRenter took a deep dive into our global booking data to find out what the industry can expect for the upcoming winter season. We looked at how
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Wellness Travel: Top 50 Healing Destinations

What is wellness travel? According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness travel is traveling to maintain or enhance your well-being. The wellness
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Study: Alcohol Prices Around the World

Traveling costs can add up, but alcohol doesn’t need to be a focal point of your trip’s bill. So, what could be better than knowing where
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Top TikTok Adventure Destinations

If you’re looking for fresh adventures this summer, you’re not alone. Ever since the summer of 2020, enthusiasm for outdoor experiences has skyrockete
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How to Avoid “Tourist Traps” in the Most Popular Cities

Whether you travel solo or with a large group of friends, traveling is one of the most enriching, fun, and overall best things you can do with your sp
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Would You Want to Vacation in Space? 80 Percent Of People Said They Would

Bermuda, Bahamas, or outer space? According to our survey, 47% of people believe we’ll see space tourism available to the masses by 2030. The shocking
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5 Vacation Rental Booking Trends Hosts Should Know

Things are looking up for the travel industry. According to The World Travel and Tourism Council, travel will likely rebound to pre-pandemic levels by
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Survey: Americans Reveal Which Countries Have the Best Food

Memories made while traveling are hard to forget — especially when food is involved. Whether you’re a culinary sophisticate or someone who appreciates
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Study: What Are the Best U.S. Travel Destinations for Foodies?

Being a foodie is about more than just enjoying meals — it’s a whole lifestyle. Sometimes, that lifestyle involves traveling around the country, or ev
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Budget Travel Advice For a Successful Travel Experience

“Budget travel” is an oxymoron in more ways than one. Firstly, while the word “budget” is synonymous with affordability, travel is expensive for many
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Study: How Much Do Online Images Really Impact Perceived Property Value?

Booking a travel residence requires a level of trust between the traveler and the host. From the host’s side, expectations of their residents pertain
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Planners vs. Spontaneous Travelers: How Do You Adventure Away From Home?

Vacationing with — or without — loved ones can be any number of things: daunting beforehand, exciting or stressful during, or fulfilling overall. In s
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Our Biggest Survey Yet Reveals 6 Travel Trends for Spring Break 2022

Spring break has long been the epitome of a de-stress, let-loose, get-away-from-it all vacation — regardless of age. Given the continued pandemic roll
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2021 in Review: VacationRenter’s Top 6 Travel Trends of the Year

While 2021 hasn’t been the pandemic-free year we’d all hoped for, travel nevertheless made somewhat of a comeback — ebbing and flowing along with the
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Road Trip Routes to Witness Incredible Astronomical Events in 2022

The best time to see astronomical events is calculated by scientists who study the sky. Astronomers housed in observatories or labs may have the best
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